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Blue Roots Cannabis Co.

Blue Roots Cannabis Co. is a cannabis grower specializing in high-end, handcrafted strains. Blue Roots doesn’t believe in massive rows of crops where automated machinery takes care of everything. Instead, the brand utilizes the human touch every step of the way to ensure that each plant gets the care and attention it deserves.

If you like the high and taste of plain distillate and botanical terpenes, this is a VERY solid product! Flavor of this strain is balanced and enjoyable.

h6 Review via I Heart Jane 10/26/2021

Blue Roots has an incredible strain line up. They grow classics like Trainwreck, Granddaddy Purple, and Cherry Pie which is one of my favorite mellow indica hybrids. Many of their strains are unique to their garden. WSU, THC Bomb, Phantom Cookies and Cornbread are all strains you might not find through another brand.

Jonathan Olsen-Koziol Review via RMR 11/23/2017

All the edibles are designed in house in the Blue Roots test kitchen. Only the best ingredients are used and everything is FDA approved, per their website. Their cake bites are renowned throughout social media.

Staff Review via My Local Roots

Blue Roots Cannabis Co.:

Product Specs

As a cannabis grower, Blue Roots controls the manufacturing and extraction process from start to finish. Overall, you can be sure your cannabis products are handled with care every step of the way. Here’s a breakdown of the items you can get from Blue Roots Cannabis.

  • Flower Strains – This company makes a wide variety of strains, including those that are Sativa or Indica dominant. You can learn more about individual strain options here, as well as read more about each strain’s color, aroma, THC content, and more.
  • Cannabis Extracts – Extracts are perfect for dabbing or vaping since you can get the full potency of a plant without having to grind and smoke it. As with everything else Blue Roots makes, each extract is rigorously tested for quality and purity.
  • Cartridges – Vaping is an excellent way to enjoy cannabis, and vape cartridges are far more convenient than using extracts and a tank. Plus, Blue Roots uses pure distillate for a smoother and longer-lasting experience.
  • Pre-Rolls – There’s some debate about pre-rolled joints, but many users agree they’re far easier to use than rolling joints single handedly. Also, because it’s Blue Roots, you know you’re still getting Primo weed inside these papers.
  • Cannatela – This is a proprietary product that combines small-batch flowers with sugar crystals and a Cordia leaf. This joint smokes smoother than anything else, making it worth the higher price.
  • Cannatella Crush – This product is the same as Cannatela but comes with flavor distillates for a tastier smoking experience.

Blue Roots Cannabis Review

Because Blue Roots is so committed to plant quality and integrity, each flower is tested for potency, aroma, flavor, terpene balance, and more. It’s clear that this company cares deeply about growing the best plants, making it a better brand than others. Many other growers focus on high yields and fast turnaround times. But, the attention to detail is present in each bud, meaning you can tell the difference when smoking something from Blue Roots.

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Currently, Blue Roots Cannabis is only available in Spokane, Washington. The best place to buy your Blue Roots products is at Alkaloid Cannabis, which offers a streamlined and accommodating customer experience. Check us out when you’re in the area!

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