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Washington Cannabis Flower and Pre-Roll Brands

Fans of pre-rolls will find plenty of choices at Alkaloid Cannabis Company. Pre-rolls take the guesswork out of filling and rolling joints. A pre-roll comes ready to light with pre measured flower. Pre-rolls tend to come sold in 0.5-gram, 0.75-gram, and 1-gram sizes. Brands carried by Alkaloid Cannabis Company include:

  • 1988
  • Artizen
  • Aloha Friday Hash Co.
  • Blue Roots Cannabis
  • Doc and Yeti
  • Fifty Fold Kief Infused
  • Fog It Up
  • Western Cultured

Flower from Alkaloid Cannabis Company will come dried and ready to use. Flower has a lot of versatility and is one of the top choices for cannabis fans. Smoke any flower packed into a joint, or you could place a small amount in a pipe. You can also use the flower in bongs. Flower sizing will usually range between 1-gram and 7-gram containers. Strains available include sativa, indica, and hybrid. Popular brands that Alkaloid Cannabis Company distributes are:

  • Burnwell
  • Doc & Yeti
  • Equinox Gardens
  • Fifty Fold
  • Rocket Cannabis
  • Legendary Laboratories

Washington Edibles and Concentrates Brands

Edibles give you a discreet way to enjoy cannabis products. Companies make cannabis-infused edibles by adding concentrates to the recipe. You won’t taste the cannabis; instead, the edible will taste like the ingredients in the recipe. Edible options from Alkaloid Cannabis Company include chocolates, fruit chews, beverages, and mints. Edibles will advertise not only the flavor on the packaging but also the type of cannabis used and its potency. Highlighted products include:

  • Emerald Mountain Dark Chocolate
  • Hi-Burst Fruit Chews
  • Honu Chocolate Caramels
  • Mr. Moxey’s Mints

Concentrates are also called extracts. Manufacturers create concentrates by purifying the cannabis and removing all the excess plant materials. Concentrates have a high potency, and you’ll only require a small amount to feel an effect. Although you can use concentrates independently, you could also add a few drops to make the flower more potent. Concentrates also work in dab rigs which will heat up the concentrate. Vape pens are filled with cannabis concentrates too. Extract brands found at Alkaloid Cannabis Company are:

  • Dabs 4 Less
  • Fire Bros
  • Legendary Laboratories
  • Buddies Brand
  • Medusa Gardens RSO and Distillate

Visiting One of the Top Washington Cannabis Dispensaries

Alkaloid Cannabis Company has everything you need in a Washington dispensary. You can place pre-orders through the online menu option. Recreational and medical cannabis users will have different menus to browse and order. Once you place an order, travel to the dispensary and pick up your products with a valid government ID.

The dispensary operates daily from 8 am to 10 pm on the North Newport Highway in Spokane.

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