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Cannabis-infused beverages are drinks made with cannabis extracts. Also classified as edibles, cannabis drinks work in much the same way, but oftentimes with a faster onset of effects and more scalable effects. Great for social settings and as an alternative to alcohol, cannabis liquids and drinks come in a lot of forms, including seltzers, lemonades, tincture shots, and more. And, you’ll find them all at Alkaloid.

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Cannabis Beverages & Liquids FAQs

How Do You Use Cannabis Drinks and Liquids?

Cannabis liquids and beverages are designed to be consumed just like any drink—simply open and sip. Potency levels can vary, and usage recommendations may be slightly different. For instance, a tincture shot may be best for drinking in one shot, while something like an infused lemonade may be better sipped slowly until the desired level of effects is reached.

Do Cannabis Drinks Contain Alcohol?

Cannabis-infused beverages do not normally contain alcohol. In fact, many people drink infused beverages as an alternative to alcoholic beverages. However, always check out the ingredient listing or any specific product to ensure that it does not contain alcohol if this is something you are personally trying to avoid.

How Do Cannabis Liquids Work?

Cannabis liquids are essentially classified as an edible, so they theoretically work in the same way. The cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system after consumption to yield the desired effects.

With that being said, beverages can be a bit unique in the fact that they tend to take effect a bit faster, but this also depends on how the product is formulated. For example, some products are made with nano-emulsified THC, which is said to take effect within minutes.

How Much THC Is In a Cannabis Drink?

Potencies can vary depending on the product. However, in general, the cannabis-infused beverages and liquids you buy in WA will contain somewhere between 10 and 100mg of THC. It is always important to read the label carefully on any infused liquid to ensure you know the cannabinoid content of the drink before consumption.


Where Are Cannabis Drinks Available to Buy in WA?

Cannabis drinks and liquids are available where recreational and medical cannabis is sold in Washington, including at Alkaloid. We keep our dispensary stocked with a nice selection of liquids, including infused drinks, shelters, tincture shots, and more. Be sure to take a look at our dispensary menu to get a look at what we have available at any given time.

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