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Uncover the Finest Cannabis in Spokane at Alkaloid

From exceptional Sativa strains with uplifting energy to well-regarded Indica strains with a flair for the creative, our menu is stacked with some of the finest cannabis in Spokane. We appreciate good cannabis just as much as our customers, which means no flower lands on our menu by accident.

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Flower from Only the Best Cannabis Brands in the State

$30 Eighths of Flower in Spokane, WA

We partner with respected cultivators who’ve nailed their growing practices down to a science to produce flower that’s utterly easy to appreciate. You’ll find top brands in WA on our menu, like Blue Roots, Fifty Fold, From the Soil, Dewey Cannabis, and many more. Whether you’re looking for an elite craft strain, an award-winning strain we all know and love, or something grown organically, you’ll likely find it in our collection.

A Diverse Strain Collection Any Cannabis Enthusiast Can Appreciate

We strive to create one of the most diverse strain menus you can find, which means you’ll catch familiar favorites like Acapulco Gold and MAC, but also up-and-coming stunners like Whip It and Rainbow Belts. At Alkaloid Cannabis Company, our flower menu stands out as one of the best in town for a reason. Our team’s discerning nature ensures that every strain we offer boasts exceptional terpene profiles, intriguing cannabinoid combinations, and unmatched quality and effects.

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