Best Cannabis Vape Cart Brands in Washington State

Vape carts have become one of the most popular ways to enjoy cannabis. There’s a lot to like about vape carts—they are simple to use, very portable, and allow you to enjoy cannabis without smoking. Vape carts come in countless styles with customization options that enable you to enjoy cannabis just how you like it. Alkaloid Cannabis Company carries the top vape carts available throughout Washington State. The following are current offerings at our Spokane, Washington dispensary. These brands have consistently positive feedback from Alkaloid Cannabis Company visitors.

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Full Spec

The best vapes in Washington will include offerings from the Full Spec brand. Full Spec has been featured in publications including Yahoo, Marijuana Business Daily, and Benzinga. Cartridges come with live resin cultivated from flash-frozen cannabis. The sativa and hybrid selections are particularly popular with standouts, including Candy Apple, Guava, and Heavenly Haze. The long-lasting vape carts come in 1-gram sizes and will last an average of 160 to 320 puffs.

Buddies Brand

The best cannabis vapes in Washington for those on a budget will come from Buddies Brand. The affordable brand keeps packaging simple and focuses more on the quality of its extracts. Vapes from Buddies Brand are rich in terpenes to promote a cerebral sensation. Vape carts from Buddies Brand come as live distillate, live resin, or distillate/CDT. Get cartridges in strains such as Alien OG, Applejack, Melon Gum, Lemon Vuitton, and Red Pepperz.


When shopping for vape carts in Washington, you’ll likely come across products from MFused. MFused creates distillates that blend CBD, CBG, and THC for whole-body effects. Each 1-gram cartridge comes with full-spectrum cannabinoids that don’t include any additives. You can also purchase the strain-specific distillate as an alternative to the full spectrum line. These formulations focus on high THC potency. Strains you’ll find under the MFused brand include Black Cherry Soda, Gas Mask, Bonkers, and Cream Cookiez.

Top Shelf

With a name like Top Shelf, you can expect to buy one of the best vapes in Washington. Top Shelf makes strain-specific vape carts with indica and sativa offerings from Alkaloid Cannabis Company. Top-selling strains are Dirty Girl, Granddaddy Purple, and Romulan. Like other options, you’ll find 1-gram vapes at the Washington dispensary.

Crystal Clear

One of the higher-end brands available for vapes is Crystal Clear. The price tag reflects the company’s obsession with quality control. The company makes all distillates without tars and resins by creating its own proprietary blend. The vapes come in high potency amounts to get more out of your 1-gram cartridge. Strain options include the 9 Pound Hammer, Green Crack, Cereal Milk, and Super Lemon Haze. 

Where to Buy Vape Carts in Washington State

The best cannabis vapes in Washington are available to medical cannabis clients and recreational clients. Visit the dispensary in Spokane to shop Alkaloid Cannabis Company’s popular vape brands. Contact the dispensary with questions or ask about pre-ordering your favorites before heading to the shop.

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