Spokane, WA Dispensary Deals

Spokane Dispensary Deals – Best Weed Deals in Spokane

Without a doubt, sometimes the best Spokane dispensary deals can be hard to find. Washington State is home to some of the best dispensaries, and many of them offer good weed deals. However, if you want to find the absolute best prices on the top flower and other products in the state, you may need a few good pointers. To make sure you always get top-shelf products at the best possible prices, we’ve created a guide to help you along the way.


Spokane, WA Dispensary Deals

How to Find the Best Spokane Dispensary Deals

Shopping around and visiting all the dispensaries in the area is not all that economical or efficient when you’re looking for the best weed deals. Sometimes, all it takes to save money on cannabis is to arm yourself with a bit of helpful knowledge. Check out a few good tips to help you save money on your next weed purchase.

1. Sign Up for Newsletters from Your Favorite Dispensaries

Dispensary newsletters are a direct line of connection to the dispensaries you prefer to shop at the most. To sign up for a dispensary’s newsletter, all you have to do is provide your email address. You will get periodic communications, which often include all the details about the latest weed deals and special savings events. You can find the signup link for our newsletter at Alkaloid on our home page, and we’ll always keep you in the know about what’s happening that can save you money.

2. Keep Tabs on Online Dispensary Menus

Online dispensary menus are a go-to resource for finding all the best Spokane dispensary deals. The top dispensaries in the area make shopping as easy as possible by hosting a menu online where customers can view current pricing and even order ahead for quick pickup. Most will also mention any daily or current specials and deals. So, be sure to check out menus periodically and use them to compare prices at different locations.

3. Stay Connected to Dispensaries on Social Media

If you haven’t already started following your favorite dispensaries on social media, it’s a good idea to do so. This is a good way to get real-time updates from top stores about special happenings and savings opportunities. For example, you can follow Alkaloid Cannabis Company on Facebook. Not only will you catch details about ways to save money, but you will also get the scoop on up-and-coming brands, new product releases, and more.

4. Look for Dispensary Deals During Holidays and Events

Is 420 on the horizon? What about 710 (Dab Day)? Leading up to all these special weed-related holidays, as well as other nationally recognized holidays, always look for special deals at local dispensaries. Most Spokane dispensaries love to provide special pricing in lieu of special occasions. Oftentimes, you can even find deals on cannabis products associated with area events like festivals.

Weed Deals to Watch for at Alkaloid Cannabis Company

At Alkaloid Cannabis Company, we get it—you want good weed at a price you can actually afford. Therefore, we do all things possible to make sure our customers have access to top brands and flower at affordable prices. Alkaloid Cannabis Company offers daily deals as well as special deal days. Stop by and shop to sign up to become a Loyalty member at Alkaloid Cannabis.

In addition to our ongoing weed deals, keep an eye on our menu to catch special savings on things like:

If you are looking to buy a large quantity of flower or other products at a time, we also occasionally offer deals to bundle and save. So, any time you stop by for a visit, be sure to ask about our weed deals for the day. One of our budtenders will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Spokane, WA Dispensary Deals

Find the Best Washington Dispensary Deals at Alkaloid Cannabis Company

Ready to shop for all the best weed deals in Spokane, WA? Be sure to stop by for a visit or check out the full menu at Alkaloid Cannabis Company.


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