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Swifts Edibles

Since its founding in 2014, Swifts Edibles has been considered a staple in Washington state’s cannabis industry. This collection of delicious and unique cannabis products includes infused smokables, truffles, tablets and fruit gummies.

Swift gummies are great too - they are hybrid. My favorite are the watermelon / peach pack. Delish

nicdds Review via Reddit

These are so delicious and fancy! Highly recommend:)

m**s Review via Leafly

The absolute tastiest treat ever with an awesome kick!

m**c Review via Leafly

Swifts Edibles:

Product Specs


These treats are made with a rich whipped crème chocolate ganache that is covered in an artisan shell. With rich flavors that include Tiger Butter, Tiramisu Cappuccino, and Raspberry Cheesecake, these cannabis-infused edibles feature balanced complexity and high quality ingredients.

Sour Drops

These naturally flavored treats feature a discreet micro-dose of cannabis for that dose of sour you crave. Swifts Sour Drops are gluten free, sugar free, and vegan. These perfectly portioned candies come in lemon and raspberry, orange and mango, and keylime and strawberry.

Mints and Tabs

These treats are packed with flavor and great for micro-dosing. The tart coolness of minty or fruity flavors thrills the taste buds, with flavors like strawberry, passion fruit, chili mango and green tea peppermint.


Swifts Chewz come in a variety of delicious flavors and you can pick them up with all THC or a THC:CBN ratio. “Working the jaw, lavishing the tongue, and tickling the brain, these soft chews will check all the boxes for making a tasty treat and a good time.”


Swifts CannaBees Honey may be used in a variety of ways. Use it to sweeten your favorite dessert, sprinkle it into your morning coffee or tea, or mix it in with oatmeal or a bowl of fruit. You’ll know what to anticipate from each packet you sprinkle thanks to the precisely portioned package.

Swifts Review

The Swifts Edibles represent Green Labs’ expertise in blending dose consistency and flavorful edibles that are handcrafted with Washington state ingredients, such as CannaBees Honey. Swifts Edibles is one of six unique product lines produced by Green Labs, founded by a family of entrepreneurs.

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