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Plaid Jacket

Plaid Jacket provides superior cannabis products to dispensaries throughout Washington State, including Alkaloid Cannabis Company. The producer values quality above quantity and ensures each batch released is consistently potent. Strains frequently drop to keep fans of the brand coming back for more. The company is well known for its ice water hash, but customers can also find options for blunts, flower, resin, and more.

The best bud I've smoked in awhile.

LDcostict Review via Reddit

Their Perfect Pair strains looks absolutely delicious.

The flower behind the glass looks and tastes just as impressive. The strain selection from Plaid Jacket defies the ordinary, featuring interesting genetic pairings like Emergency #9, an Orange Push Pop x Sunset Sherb cross, and obscure lineages with interesting names like Ethiopian Sky Cuddler Kush.

Will Hyde Review via Leafly

Plaid Jacket:

Product Line

The Plaid Jacket product line is subject to change, but currently, they offer several strains in the following categories:

  • Pre-rolls. The ice water hash pre-rolls from Plaid Jacket come infused with what’s known as bubble hash. Cultivators make bubble hash by separating trichomes using ice, water, and filters. The result is a highly-purified smoke that burns slowly and evenly. The triple-infused blunts include strains like Banana Rtz. Triple-infused flower pre-rolls include live rosin, kief, and ice water hash.
  • Flower. Indica, hybrid, and sativa selections are all produced by Plaid Jacket and available from Alkaloid Cannabis Company. One popular flower strain is the hybrid M.A.C., sold in 3.5 grams to recreational and medical clients.
  • Resin. Plaid Jacket makes two types of resin, BHO Live Resin, and BHO Sugar Crystal Resin. Plaid Jacket uses extraction and purification methods in small batches to craft quality cannabis with high THC amounts.

Plaid Jacket FAQs

Plaid Jacket combines technology with all-natural growing methods to produce its cannabis line. The company is passionate about genetics and uses a seed vault to plan future releases. Here are a few frequently asked questions about Plaid Jacket:

How often do strains release from Plaid Jacket?

Plaid Jacket doesn’t believe in rushing out products. They allow up to 21 days for dry time, ten days for curing, and seven days for processing. The cultivator does provide a release schedule on their website for customers to check for updates.

Does Plaid Jacket use pesticides or other chemicals on crops?

The company only relies on all-natural pest control methods. They use mineral oil during the vegetative stages and predatory bugs during the flowering stages.

Plaid Jacket Review

Plaid Jacket products showcase how much care the company takes in growing, cultivating, and packaging. The facility includes ten grow rooms with countdowns to track for harvesting. The lab area of the facility has state-of-the-art equipment to make extraction processing go seamlessly. To keep up with their commitment to quality, Plaid Jacket uses the “fewest touches” from harvest to retail. Everything is done by hand, with the cannabis plants remaining as fresh as possible. Pre-rolls, flower, and more have a good flavor profile and robust, long-lasting effects.

Where to Buy Brand in Washington State

Come See Us!

As a craft cannabis company, Plaid Jacket partners with area dispensaries in Washington State. Alkaloid Cannabis Company in Spokane, Washington, has a variety of Plaid Jacket products for sale. 

Buy Plaid Jacket at Alkaloid Cannabis Company

Find Alkaloid Cannabis Company on North Newport Highway, near Camelot Park and Whitworth University. Visit the dispensary daily between 8:00 am and 10:00 pm. You can pre-order from their recreational and medical menus for quick and easy pickup.

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