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Passion Flower

Passion Flower has a large selection of pesticide-free prerolls, Live Resin concentrates, and all-ceramic vape cartridges. These products are all available at Alkaloid Cannabis Company in Spokane, WA.

I'm reviewing a cartridge! Saw the name of this strain and thought "what the **** they come up with some interesting names for strains." But I'm not close minded so I wanted to try it. The terpenes give it a very forward pineapple taste, followed by the signature garlic funk of meat breath. A wonderful, thought provoking blend to help you get through the day. 9/10!

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Dumby fire, straight gmo goodness 🔥

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Fairwinds...for the win!

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Passion Flower

Product Specs

Passion Flower Cannabis Collective is dedicated to having clean, pesticide-free products that are all third party tested to confirm there are no pesticides present. Passion Flower grows some of their own flower but also works with a handful of partners in Washington State. Passion Flower makes sure that all partners test for pesticides and they also test each company several times throughout the year to confirm the products remain pesticide-free.


Passion Flower believes in educating the consumer using the products and the cannabis specialists selling the product. On all Passion Flower packaging you can find a variety of information from flavor to effects. On every package you can find the strain name, a sun-moon slider scale that shows if the strain is more uplifting or relaxing, taste, effects, and the most dominant terpenes present in the strain.

Ceramic Vape Cartridges

Passion Flower vapes come in ceramic hardware for several reasons. The main one being the smooth hit you get from the first hit to the last. Ceramic cartridges also tend to last longer and allow for the full flavor of the strain to come through. Passion Flower cartridges are strain specific and have no Botanical Terpenes, which results in the truest flavor of the strain. Passion Flower cartridges come in a variety of THC strains as well as different minor cannabinoid options.

Live Resin Concentrates

Just like everything else from Passion Flower, their Live Resin concentrates are pesticide-free and are extracted using the same PHO method as their Fairwinds products. These high terpene dabs come in a large variety of strains, from Dutch Treat, to Wedding Cake and many strains in between. You can also find CBN, CBD, and CBG options in Passion Flower Live Resin concentrates.


Passion Flower prerolls come with two half gram prerolls for the perfect smoke sesh every time. Just like everything from Passion Flower, their prerolls are pesticide-free and the flower is grown using the most sustainable practices. The Passion Flower facility and their partners also have a smaller Carbon footprint than the industry standard.

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Pick up Passion Flower prerolls, concentrates, and cartridges at Alkaloid Cannabis Company in Spokane, WA. We have a large selection of product offerings that come in all THC and minor cannabinoid options.

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