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Micro Bar

Micro Bar is one of the leading disposable cartridge brands in Washington State. These high potency, delicious cartridges are a great option for those looking for a vape with great flavor. Stop into Alkaloid Cannabis Company in Spokane, Washington to pick up your Micro Bar.

The flavor is spot on to watermelon bubblegum. Pretty impressed with this. Definitely botanical terps but no one is surprised here. Really enjoying the flavor. The hardware is nice. Small viewing port on the side, fantastic airflow with very good cloud production, and USB-C charging. I'll see if it clogs up over time, but I can't imagine that happening with how much airflow there is.

The Awkward Banana Review via Reddit

The flavor is amazing... It tastes like candy. And the high is super mellow. It made for a very relaxing night. I loved it .

MJ Review via Leafly

Great taste and gets you "baked ×2" as stated by previous reviews.

S0 Review via Leafly

Micro Bar:

Product Specs

Micro Bar is a 1g disposable distillate cartridge for sale in Washington. These flavored, discrete disposables are popular for the variety of delicious flavors, the discrete look and size, and the high potency. Micro Bar is pesticide-free and use premium cannabis distillate in their disposables.

Battery Specs

Mirco Bar is discrete, auto-draw battery that fits in the palm of your hand for a great feel and ease of use. With the dual airflow on Micro Bar these disposables have a smaller chance of clogging. Micro Bar disposables are rechargeable and use a Type C cord and are equip with fast charging capabilities. Micro Bar have a battery capacity of 210mAh and an output power if 7.5w.


Mirco Bar disposables come in strain specific options that are flavored. Check out the list of disposables available at Alkaloid Cannabis Company.

  • Lemon Head – Sativa. Flavor Profile: Lemon, sweet, zesty.
  • Orange Crush – Sativa. Flavor Profile: Orange, sweet, citrusy.
  • Peach Ringz – Hybrid. Flavor Profile: Peach, fruity, delicious.
  • Watermelon Mimosa – Hybrid. Flavor Profile: Watermelon, sweet, fresh.
  • Blueberry Zkittles – Indica. Flavor Profile: Blueberries, sweet, fruity.
  • Strawberry Fields – Indica. Flavor Profile: Strawberry, sugary, fruity.

Where to Buy Micro Bar in WA

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Micro Bar is available for purchase at cannabis retailers in Washington State. These flavored, strain specific disposables have become a consumer favorite. Pick up your Micro Bar at Alkaloid Cannabis Company in Spokane, Washington.

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