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MFused is one of the leading cannabis vape brands in the country. The company focuses almost exclusively on creating tasty and potent vape cartridges so users can get the high they want while also adding flavor to the experience. The brand is very active on social media, and the company has a vast selection of cartridge options for users.


One of my favorite brands!

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When this culture is combined with leading extraction research and development, you get the incredible quality and dependability that MFUSED has become known for.

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There are thousands of cannabis brands diluting the legal market, and with the seemingly infinite options of products, it can be hard for brands to stand out. One brand that has established itself as a pioneer of cannabis products is Mfused. Their vape cartridges are some of the most popular in Washington and can be found in retailers all over the state.

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Product Specs

In addition to MFused carts, the brand also sells vape accessories, including pens, tanks, and batteries. While there are too many individual MFused cartridge options to list here, let’s break down the different types of products you can find.

MFused Cartridges

There are tons of flavors available, such as Frozen Grapes, Maui Pineapple, Gushers, Jet Fuel, Blueberry Space Cake, and many more.

MFused TWISTED Disposable

MFused TWISTED disposable vapes feature the same high potency THC as their distillate tanks but with a twist of natural terpenes. These disposable pens are rechargeable and are independently tested to ensure there are no harmful pesticides found in the oil.

MFused Full Spectrum Disposable

“Full Spectrum Extract is MFUSED’s authentic artisanal representation of a whole plant extract, balancing purity, aromatic terpene profiles, and cannabinoid potency. Our Full Spectrum Extract utilizes a minimal impact organic processing technique with freshly cured and flash frozen cannabis to accentuate and maintain the essence of a natural strain profile, delivering only the best flavor & fragrance of every strain.”

Balance Disposables

“Our unique full spectrum cannabinoid profiles work together synergistically to provide what is known as the ‘entourage effect’ for maximum benefits.” You can also find their Tranquility, Zenergy, and Sleepen products under the Balance lineup.

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This brand is widely available at dispensaries across the country. However, for those in Washington, Alkaloid Cannabis is the best place to get your Mfused fix. 

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