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Leafwerx cannabis is a sun-grown producer located outside of Wenatchee, Washington. You can find a large lineup of products from Leafwerx ranging from Live Resin cartridges, to Live Resin concentrates, and Terps Mood cartridges for a very specific high. Stop by Alkaloid Cannabis Company in Spokane, Washington to pick up Leafwerx products.

Best I’ve had in a bit. Tremendous middle of the road hybrid. Potent. Taste is a heavenly, floral presence. Arguably the best. Highly recommend. Stay on two hits and see where you’re at after 30 mins...definitely seek this strain out. Gold.

Bc Review via Leafly

Felt very relaxed and my whole body felt tingly. Helps a lot with post workout pain. I also couldn't stop smiling lol.

1***a Review via Leafly

It's not a too heavy high in my opinion. However, it's definitely a good strain for working. Unlike most indica-dominant hybrids that keeps me couch-locked like crazy, I love smoking up on this lovely, and then diving deep into work. It keeps me so focused.

Te Review via Leafly


Product Specs

The growers at Leafwerx know that to have quality products it starts at the beginning. Leafwerx flower is sun-grown with custom nutrients to ensure every strain grows to its full potential. With 40 years of combined cultivation experience, the growers at Leafwerx have curated a list of strains known for having high terpene profiles, good environmental viability, and high extraction rates. All oil in Leafwerx products come from their amazing flower and are extracted at their in-house lab.

Terps Mood

The Terps Mood cartridges from Leafwerx are strain specific and made from full spectrum/high terpene extract. These cartridges highlight the strains natural terpene profile and the entourage effect from the THC, terpenes, and minor cannabinoids found in the strain. Terps Mood cartridges are pesticide-free and additive-free, using cannabis derived terpenes. Terps Mood cartridges are separated into 5 categories: Go, Create, Vibe, Enjoy, and Chill, so the consumer can help decide what mood they are looking for.

Full Spec

Leafwerx has several product lines and one of their most popular is the Full Spec line. These oils are made from flash frozen flower to guarantee a high terpene profile. During the extraction process, Full Spec oil is extracted at ultra low temperatures to preserve the cannabis compounds and full spectrum aspect of the oil. All oil extracted comes from single-sourced flower grown by Leafwerx for quality control. Full Spec oils are high in terpenes and THC potency making for the perfect effects. You can find Full Spec in dab concentrates as well as cartridges. To learn more about Full Spec products check out their website.

Popular Strains

All strains at Leafwerx are cultivated for their unique, delicious terpene profiles. Check out a few of our favorite strains below.


  • AK-47: Colombian X Mexican X Thai X Afghani. Flavor: Tobacco & Skunk.
  • Candy Apple: Blueberry X Pineapple X Afghani. Flavor: Fruity with Creamy Vanilla Undertones.
  • Trainwreck: Mexican X Thai X Afghani Kush. Flavor: Pine & Citrus.

Sativa Hybrid

  • Lavender Trainwreck: Lavender Kush X Trainwreck. Flavor: Diesel Fuel & Pine.
  • Nine Pound Dream: Wonder Woman X Candy Apple X Pink Unicorn. Flavor: Skunky Citrus & Lemon.
  • Wonder Woman: Thai X Haze X Skunk #1. Flavor: Diesel & Rich Skunky.


  • Ginger Ale: Cinderella 88 x Café Girl. Flavor: Floral & Sweet Blueberries.
  • Hans First: SFV OG x Girl Scout Cookies. Flavor: Earthy Sweet Cookies.
  • MACMosa: Miracle Alien Cookies x Mimosa. Flavor: Smooth Orange Flavor.

Indica Hybrid

  • Heavenly Haze: Haze X Afghani X Northern Lights #5 X Hawaiian. Flavor: Earthy yet Spicy.
  • Jungle Punch: Banana OG X Mendo Punch X Cindy Punch. Flavors: Ammonia Pine.
  • Papaya Punch: Papaya x Purple Punch. Flavors: Tropical Sweet.


  • Dosi Punch: Purple Punch X Do-Si-Dos. Flavors: Nutty Fruit & Gas.
  • G13: Unknown. Flavors:  Skunky Pine.
  • Nine Pound Hammer #6: Gooberry X Hells OG X Jack The Ripper. Flavors: Sweet Grape & Lime.

Where to Buy Leafwerx in WA

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Leafwerx and Full Spec products are available for purchase in Washington State from licensed cannabis retailers. These delicious, potent concentrates are sought after by consumers for their unique strains options. Stop by Alkaloid Cannabis Company in Spokane, Washington to pick up your Terps Mood cartridges and Full Spec products.

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