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Honu Edibles

Since its creation in 2016, Honu has earned a reputation as a premium producer of cannabis-infused goodies in the state of Washington. Although Honu offers a full line of cannabis products, it is also known for its uniquely handcrafted edibles made from high quality cannabis concentrates that are taken from Honu’s very own in-house source material. These edibles are praised as some of the tastiest, richest, creamiest and smoothest infused chocolate on the market today.

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One among favorite cannabis is the Honus cannabis. It can free my mind and I feel something great. I think its cool to know the ways to such feelings. This Honu company creates really nice products.

Edna D Review via AskGrowers

Its prerolls are so nice. Adore them. Honu brand produces great products for such fans of cannabis as I am. Everything I have tasted was nice.

Naomy Review via AskGrowers

OMG! This might be the best brand yet! Ordered their products and it arrived fast. So far, its perfect for on the go and has variety of great flavors too. I think it will last a long time, great buy!

Timothy Review via AskGrowers

Honu Edibles:

Product Specs

Honu Review

The name comes from a sacred Hawaiian species of sea turtle. According to local legend, the Hawaiian Honu is considered a guardian spirit that uses the form of a sea turtle to oversee and protect the Hawaiian people. The sea turtle brings harmony to man, sea and land.

Honu’s cannabis products include traditional dried flower concentrates, a range of edibles and the line of Honu Naturals infused topicals that include creams, lotions, oils and balms.

Among the honors given to the brand are Best Edibles Company at the 2016 Dope Industry Awards and Best Sweet Edible in Washington State for its popular “Coconut Snowball” edible at the 2016 Dope Cup.

Honu Product Line

Edible Flavors

Chocolate Turtle

This milk chocolate treat comes in sativa and indica strains, with a pretzel on top and chewy caramel and pecan mixed in for that delicious sweet and salty flavor.

Peanut Butter Cups

A creamy peanut butter center surrounded by a silky blend of dark and milk chocolate, these peanut butter cups come in indica and sativa strains. They are also available in a 2:1 CBD/THC ratio for an enhanced experience.

Chocolate Caramels

This decadent treat comes in sativa and indica strains, featuring a delicious caramel filling inside a dark chocolate candy that is topped with pieces of crunchy toffee.

Blackberry Lemon

The sweet but tart chocolate is made with blackberry and lemon flavored white chocolate infused with cannabis and lemon zest.

Spa Salts

“Why settle for just a jar of Epsom Salts? We have defined the perfect blend of Epsom Salts, Pink Himalayan, and Dead Sea Salt to create the ultimate bath experience.”

Where to Buy Honu Edibles in WA

Come See Us!

Alkaloid Cannabis Company features several Honu edible products among the brands sold at the dispensary in Spokane, Washington, including the original Peanut Butter Cup and the other fan favorite, Chocolate Turtle, among other treats considered to be some of the finest edibles in the state.

Buy Honu at Alkaloid Cannabis Company

Known for its exceptional cannabis products, Alkaloid Cannabis Company pledges to offer the best quality and consistency when it comes to cannabis. Our dispensary, located on Spokane’s northside, prides itself on the impressive selection we offer our customers of natural and superior cannabis products like Honu. Stop by our dispensary to talk to one of our knowledgeable staff members about how Honu products can satisfy your sweet tooth and your cannabis needs.

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