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Herb's Oil by My Weed Bunny

Brand is one of the leading cannabis brands in the country. The company focuses almost exclusively on creating tasty and potent cannabis so users can get the high they want while also adding flavor to the experience. The brand is very active on social media, and the company has a vast strains for users.

Herb's Oil by My Weed Bunny:

Product Specs

Check out the product line for Herb’s Oil by My Weed Bunny:

The Herb’s Oil by My Weed Bunny Product Line

The Herbs Oil cartridge is one of the most recognized products offered by My Weed Bunny, and some would even say the carts are the best-kept secret in the state. The carts are known to offer one of the smoothest hits with a nice clean flavor akin to the strain for which the cart is named after. A few Herb’s Oil strains you’ll find on dispensary shelves include:

  • Strawberry Cough
  • Ice Cream Cake
  • Tropicana Cookies
  • Zkittlez
  • Sweet Jane
  • Goobie’s Doobies

Herbs Oil Cartridge Review

Even though the brand itself is a bit elusive, My Weed Bunny is a well-established cannabis company and its products are always of premium quality. The Herbs Oil cartridge is well-built, offers a smooth hit, and always delivers in terms of flavor and experience.

Where to Buy Herb's Oil by My Weed Bunny in WA

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Herbs Oil cartridges and other My Weed Bunny products are available at recreational dispensaries throughout the state of Washington. The carts are usually in high demand, however. So, if you see them available, be sure to reserve your order as quickly as possible.

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