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Hellavated is a brand specializing in disposable vape cartridges. Hellavated disposable carts come in a wide variety of flavors, and they often have a high THC content. If you’re looking to get high quickly and effectively, a Hellavated cartridge should do the trick. Plus, since they’re disposable, they’re also highly affordable for most users.

I really like this one. I’m not sure what it does for others. But for me it helps take the pain of lupus and helps ease my endometriosis. Thank you stash box! You all are amazing

rg Review via I Heart Jane 5/25/2020

Great taste!

a6 Review via I Heart Jane 9/11/2020

Loved this

ly Review via I Heart Jane 2/23/2020


Product Specs

You won’t be hurting for Hellavated carts and other products. Here are some of the top sellers available at Alkaloid Cannabis Company and other dispensaries.

Hellavated Gummies

If you prefer to get your THC through edibles instead of vape pens, these gummies are sure to delight the senses.

Hellavated Cartridges

There are tons of flavors available, including:

  • Hellavated Watermelon
  • Hellavated Strawberry Haze
  • Hellavated Blueberry Dream
  • Hellavated Mango Dragon
  • Hellavated Mango Kush
  • Hellavated Double Mint

Hellavated Disposable Pen

A disposable Hellavated vape pen is super convenient and allows you to get your fix without worrying about forgetting your favorite vape. Plus, you can get the Hellavated pen preloaded with your favorite flavor.

Hellavated Juicy Sticks

This is the official name for Hellavated pre rolls. In addition to cannabis flowers, these joints also come with melted diamonds and kief for a classy way to get high. You can also find flavors like Hellavated mango kush for a tastier

Hellavated Disposable Review

Because of their high THC content, Hellavated carts and pre-rolls offer a smoother high that will satisfy any experienced user. Plus, the unique flavors of the brand’s vapes make them more enticing, giving users yet another reason to get Hellavated.

Where to Buy Hellavated in WA

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The best place for Hellavated products is Alkaloid Cannabis Co. However, not all products are available at each location, so be sure to check online first before visiting one of our customer-friendly dispensaries.

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