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Gold Leaf Gardens

Gold Leaf Gardens is a top-tier, fan-favorite cannabis brand and the cannabis strains aren’t like the average varieties out there. Gold Leaf Garden strains are cultivated in what the breeders say is the world’s first premium garden that grows Clean Green Certified cannabis flower. Learn more about this first-class line, from the types of products and potency levels to reviews and where to buy.

Gold Leaf Gardens has long been considered one of the best cannabis growers in our state. Their products consistently taste great, are noticeably potent, and is free of all pesticides.

Joseph Brabo Review via Respect My Region

When someone smokes oil or flower that was grown, extracted, and rolled by the Gold Leaf, Leira, and Polar Icetracts teams, it is usually one of the user’s best cannabis experiences.

Joseph Brabo Review via Respect My Region

It’s impossible to compare anyone’s pre-rolled joints or blunts to the luxurious experience provided by Leira’s cannagar.

Joseph Brabo Review via Respect My Region

Gold Leaf Gardens:

Product Specs

The superior, award-winning lineup consists of exotic cannabis flower, a solvent-free rosin and bubble hash concentrate, and Leira cannagars.

Gold Leaf Gardens strains

Flower Strains

  • Animal Sherbet – Indica Dominant Hybrid. Animal Cookies x Sunset Sherbet
  • Durr Burger – Indica Dominant Hybrid. GMO x Donny Burger
  • MAC (Miracle Alien Cookies) – Hybrid. Alien Cookies x Star Fighter x Columbian
  • RIC James – Indica Dominant Hybrid. Raspberry Ice Cream Cake x DoSiDos

Hash Rosin Strains

  • Animal Sherbet – Indica Dominant Hybrid. Animal Cookies x Sunset Sherbet
  • Durr Burger – Indica Dominant Hybrid. GMO x Donny Burger
  • Papaya Cake – Hybrid. Papaya Strawberry Runt x Animal Sherbet
  • RIC James – Indica Dominant Hybrid. Raspberry Ice Cream Cake x DoSiDos
  • Wedding Cake – Indica Dominate Hybrid. Triangle Kush x Animal Mints

Gold Leaf Gardens Cannabis Cigars

Fire up these luxurious Leira Cannagars

  • Cannarillo 3.0
  • Cannagar
  • Noir
  • Noir HEMP
  • 24K Gold Gilded Leira—a Mike Tyson favorite

Gold Leaf Gardens FAQs

Who makes Gold Leaf Gardens Strains?

Gold Leaf Gardens strains are grown at an artisanal Washington-based cannabis farm known as Gold Leaf Gardens. The breeders are known for producing some of the state’s best-quality cannabis products. Growing is done using natural, sustainable, and pesticide-free standards to preserve the flavor and aromatic profiles of each strain.

How potent are Gold Leaf Gardens strains?

Potency varies based on the strain. Fire Bubba, for example, averages 20%+ THC. Purple Punch hovers around 18%, but White Tahoe Cookies packs a 29% THC punch. Coupled with active cannabinoids, consumers can expect uplifting highs and the desired therapeutic effects.

How are Gold Leaf Gardens products made?

For consistent premium quality cultivars and the finest taste, Gold Leaf Garden breeders grow their plants in hand-crafted soil filled with an abundance of microbial life. In keeping with their strive for excellence, the buds are harvested, dried, and aged to perfection before they hit the shelves or are used to formulate the concentrate and cannagars.

  • The solvent-free concentrate is processed using ice water extraction at Polar Icetracts.
  • The cannabis cigars are wrapped with premium flower and Polar Icetracts rosin rolled in selectively picked leaves, then left to cure for months. The cigars are meticulously hand-crafted to provide consistent flavors, aromas, and experience.

How much Gold Leaf Gardens should I take?

Adult use cannabis product labels typically state the THC percentage and servings but not necessarily the dosage. Beginner consumers can start with small doses and work their way up to determine how much THC they can tolerate.

Gold Leaf Gardens Strains Review

Reviewers aren’t shy to share their encounters with this brand. One Leafly reviewer wrote, “Purple Punch punches with a couple of quick jabs to the forehead with the first 2-3 hits, then lands an uppercut with hits.” Another reviewer raved about how White Tahoe Cookies is “absolutely one of the best flowers on the market now.”

Where to Buy Gold Leaf Gardens in WA

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These top-shelf products are available at select dispensaries in Washington, including Alkaloid Cannabis Company—your famous Dabbin’ Cabin in Spokane, WA. Visit our menu to pre-order your favorites for pickup.

Buy Gold Leaf Gardens Products at Alkaloid Cannabis

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