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Fifty Fold

Fifty Fold is a high-quality cannabis producer in Washington State that produces top-tier flower and kief infused prerolls known as Snickerdoobies. Founded in 2013, Fifty Fold has been suppling the Washington cannabis market with beautiful, potent buds and prerolls that smoke amazingly. Come into Alkaloid Cannabis Company in Spokane, WA to pick up Fifty Fold products.

It really relaxes me, and my mind. Doesn’t make me couch locked, but more of like chill state. My buds were super sticky, and dense. Overall, I will be buying this strain again.

C*9 Review via Leafly

It was very centering/relaxing. I’m a daily smoker only high grade and this is one of the best I’ve had in a while.

R***4 Review via Leafly

I'm giggly and hungry after the second puff, Bay Dream is some great weed. Smells fantastic in the jar and on the exhale. Pretty heady, so staying home is a good idea

G*Y Review via Leafly

Fifty Fold:

Product Specs

Fifty Fold was founded in 2013 and finally hit the Washington cannabis market in 2015. Producing top-tier flower and prerolls, Fifty Fold is a fan favorite for their sticky buds, high terpene strains, and interesting genetics. You can find Fifty Fold in flower from 1g up to 7g quantities and in kief infused prerolls at Alkaloid Cannabis Company. The head grower of Fifty Fold is also the sole-owner and has been a cannasseur and cultivator of cannabis for the majority of his life. When growing, the head grower implements growing practices that suit his personal preferences of how the flower should smoke.

What Does “Fifty Fold” mean?

The team at Fifty Fold is always trying to improve on everything they do, even though they already produce some of the highest quaintly flower available. The world record for folding a piece of paper in half is 12 folds. Now you’re probably wondering what that has to do with cannabis and the name of this company. If you were able to fold a piece of paper 50 times that piece of paper would be able to reach the sun. Said best on their website, “At Fifty Fold Industries we are constantly working to fold the proverbial piece of paper one more time. Founded in 2013 and brought to market in 2015, our team endeavors every day to raise the bar on how and what we do. We strive to be professionalism in cannabis, The Highest Shelf.”

Growing Practices

Fifty Fold grows a variety of strains at their facility and every strain has its own specific regimens to ensure every plant and strain hits its maximum potential. Just like humans, every strain has different needs to become its truest self. The head grower at Fifty Fold recognizes the different needs and tailors growing practices for each strain they grow. One of the main reasons for having different regimens for every strain is to make sure each strain reaches its full potential in its terpene profile. Fifty Fold also has its own harvest and curing process that allows them to grow some of the highest shelf cannabis. Once harvested and cured, every strain is hand trimmed and carefully placed into jars.


Fifty Fold has a variety of strains and each one is cultivated for beautiful buds and high terpene content. Check out a few of our favorite Fifty Fold strains below.

Copper River – Sativa. Chem 4 x Stardawg. Flavosr: Loch Ness and Swamp Thing.

Super Lemon Haze – Sativa. Lemon Skunk x Super Silver Haze. Flavors: zesty lemonhead and sweet citrus.

GMO-Si-Do – Hybrid. GMO x Do-Si-Do. Flavors: skunk breath, vanilla bean, and ice cream.

Black Cherry Punch – Black Cherry Pie x Purple Punch. Flavors: spice berry, lilac and grape.

Peeled Out – Banana Punch x Beach Wedding. Flavors: gassy, skunky and funky.


Where to Buy Fifty Fold in WA

Come See Us!

Stop into Alkaloid Cannabis Company in Spokane, WA to pick up Fifty Fold flower and kief infused prerolls. We have a large variety of strains available, so no matter what you’re looking for you’re sure to find something. Stop in and see us 7 days a week 8am – 10pm for all your cannabis wants.

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