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Doc & Yeti

Doc & Yeti are local Washington cannabis producers. Among their product lines is a selection of pre rolls and dried flower. Each dried flower goes through a curing process before being sold. The company also hand-trims all cannabis plants for the best results. Also, the brand produces pre rolls for sale. With a pre roll joint, you can enjoy high-quality cannabis instantly. The company uses only non-bleached and all-natural papers for safe and non-bitter smoking. Different size options give you more flexibility with the types of pre rolls and dried flower you wish to purchase from Alkaloid Cannabis Company.

Dock & Yeti


Product Specs

The team of Doc & Yeti makes all products on-site at the company’s Tumwater, Washington farm. The team growing the cannabis has decades of experience in the industry. The company relies on all-natural practices when cultivating cannabis, including using a biological pest management program. The company always aims to work on genetics and offers some of the most innovative strains of cannabis.

How potent are the Doc & Yeti strains?

The potency of the Doc & Yeti strains will depend on what type you choose to purchase as a pre roll or dried flower. For instance, Lemonge can provide a powerful relaxation effect while having a clear mind. You could try the company’s White Hot Guava strain for a euphoric feeling.

How are Doc & Yeti flower and pre roll made?

Dried flower from Doc & Yeti starts with a fully-grown cannabis plant. Once the plant is ready for harvesting, flowers are dried to reduce moisture. Curing cannabis will help maintain a good color and enhance the flavors. The staff will hand trim the buds and then quickly store the flower to retain a fresh taste and aroma. Once the fresh flower has been labeled and packaged, it’s ready for sale.

Pre rolls go through a different process before being sold at dispensaries like Alkaloid Cannabis Company. Doc & Yeti takes the freshest flower available and all-natural rolling papers. Pre-measured amounts of weed go into each joint before being rolled and sealed. The pre-rolled joints then go into an airtight tube to remain fresh until ready for use.

How much Doc & Yeti cannabis should I take?

Pre-rolls most often come in 0.5-gram and 1-gram sizes. If you’re new to pre-rolls, 1 gram will likely be too much for you. Even regular cannabis smokers will find 1 gram more than they need. Most will find the 0.5-gram size ideal for most smoking sessions.

You can use a similar amount of dried flower, approximately 0.5 grams. However, some cannabis fans prefer to smoke or vape 0.25 grams per sitting.

Doc & Yeti Review

Doc & Yeti has a superior selection of cannabis pre roll and flower products. The owners and operators of the brand are cannabis enthusiasts, and that love shows in the high quality of each strain. Doc & Yeti offers a diverse menu with hybrid, sativa, and indica types available. Product highlights include LA Kush CakeTropical Flame, and Lemonge. These flower varieties come in large sizes, including 3.5 grams.


Buy Doc & Yeti cannabis at Alkaloid Cannabis Company

Alkaloid Cannabis Company has a great selection of their pre rolls and flower. Order directly online for quicker pickup of your favorite products from the brand.

Visit Alkaloid Cannabis Company seven days a week in Spokane, Washington, on 11414 North Newport Highway. The dispensary is open daily from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.

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