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Dewey Cannabis Co.

Dewey Cannabis Co. is changing the way cannabis is grown, focusing on the genetics they grow and bringing out the individual traits on every strain they grow. Pick up Dewey Cannabis Co. flower and prerolls at Alkaloid Cannabis Company in Spokane, Washington.

I like gassy flower and sativas that are easy to smoke during the day. This bud was perfect for that.

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This unique strain is a potent hybrid known for its quick onset high and happy vibes. Remember the first time you got REALLY high? Like, put the cereal in the fridge and the milk in the cabinet kind of high? Happy Trails will have you feeling just as giddy, and giggle as the first time you ever smoked this joyous little plant. Leave the baggage of your daily grind begins and hit the Happy Trails.

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Honeycomb is one of those great “wake and bake” cultivars, but it is also great for going out in the evening. I consider it a utility strain, as no matter what time of day or activity, Honeycomb can potentialy help improve it.

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Dewey Cannabis Co:

Product Specs

Dewey Cannabis Co. focuses on growing premium products, with every strain getting custom growing practices to ensure every strain reaches its full potential. Dewey Cannabis Co. is partnered with Dewey Scientific, a premier genetics company located in Washington State, to grow only the best cannabis strains. Consistency and quality is one of the main practices at Dewey Cannabis Co. so customers get the same great products every time.

Growing Practices

Located in Pullman, WA, Dewey Cannabis Co. is in the the agriculturally rich Palouse. Everything at Dewey is grown in greenhouses that allow the natural sunlight through to help the plants grow and they also are equipped with energy saving LED lights to supplement light year round. Dewey Cannabis is working hard to reduce their carbon footprint and work with the local utility company to make sure 100% of their electricity comes from renewable sources.

Consistency and Quality

During the growing process at Dewey Cannabis, every aspect of each grow cycle is tracked to result in the highest quality possible. All cannabis plants are grown in a pristine, controlled environment with subtle changes made as needed to increase THC potency, flower formation, and terpene profiles. Keeping a watchful eye on the plants as they are growing is extremally important, but the drying and curing stage after harvest is just as important as growing. During the drying and curing process the buds are carefully monitored to make sure they are developing sticky and sponge like to the touch with lots of frosty trichomes. Once the buds are done with their curing each bud is hand-trimmed to the flowers keep their beautiful trichomes.

Pest Management

During the growing process the team at Dewey Cannabis is constantly monitoring the grow rooms to make sure there are no harmful pests. Dewey Cannabis introduces beneficial insects to the grow rooms to help combat any harmful insects that may be found. There are some sprays used in the growing process, all of which are certified organic sprays made from essential oils derived from plants. If and when a pest infestation has occurred, the infected plants are disposed of to ensure no other plants are effected. All products at Dewey Cannabis are pesticide free.


Space Fuel: Sativa – Purple Diesel x Tropic Island. Taste: gas and citrus.

Happy Trails: Sativa – White Cap x Dragon Lady. Taste: sweet and citrus.

Honeycomb: Hybrid – Dosidos x Original Glue #4. Taste: sweet and gluey.

Caribbean Chocolate: Indica – GSC x Passionfruit Haze x Jamaican Chocolate. Taste: chocolatey.

Island Cookies: Indica – Miami Haze x Tropic Cookies . Taste: sweet and funky garlic.

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Dewey Cannabis is availible for purchase in Washington State. Stop by Alkaloid Cannabis Company in Spokane, WA for all your Dewey wants. We carry a large selection of flower and prerolls with sativa, hybrid, and indica options. Come by and see us!

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