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Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear is a popular cartridge company in Washington State. Producing high THC numbers, Crystal Clear is a go-to vape cartridge for many consumers. You can find Crystal Clear in strain specific options, flavored, and even distillate syringes.

Wife&I loved it! It hits pretty quickly and gave us a nice euphoric bliss and really helped my wife's general anxiety

A*V Review via IHeartJane

This is the only strain I feel safe vaping before I work. Calmly eases my anxiety and depression without taking any of the sharpness from my mind or distracting me. Makes me feel poised, ready, and confident to take on my day.

Ge Review via Leafly

Sour D had me bouncing off the walls. I deep cleaned my entire house. I didn't experience any sort of paranoia. Good strain for motivation and getting shit done.

S**N Review via Leafly

Crystal Clear:

Product Specs

Produced by Northwest Cannabis Solutions, Crystal Clear cartridges and distillate syringes are one of the most popular cannabis cartridge brands in Washington. Crystal Clear come in 510 thread cartridges, rechargeable disposables, and distillate syringes. Many consumers love Crystal Clear for their high THC content and the great taste. You can pick up Crystal Clear cartridges at Alkaloid Cannabis Company in Spokane, Washington.

Distillate Cartridges

One of the many reasons you can find high THC numbers in Crystal Clear cartridges is because of the quality control the facility has in place. Strain specific cartridges replicate the terpene profile of the strain by using cannabis derived terpenes. These potent cartridges are usually upwards of 90% total cannabinoids and offer a consistent, strong effect.

Live Resin Cartridges

Live Resin cartridges come in strain specific options only for one main reason, the extraction method. Live Resin is extracted using fresh frozen flower and is extracted in sub-zero temperatures to ensure the terpenes are extracted with less plant matter. Even though THC numbers can be lower in a Live Resin, the effects can be stronger due to the high terpene content.


Crystal Clear also comes in disposable vape options. These all-in-one devices are perfect for people who are still deciding if they want to get into cannabis vaping. Crystal Clear disposables are rechargeable and come in 1g options at Alkaloid Cannabis Company. You can find strain specific distillate, flavored distillate, and Live Resin disposables.

Distillate Syringe

If you are not a vaper but still looking for the potent Crystal Clear offerings, you can pick up the distillate syringe. These are perfect for adding a little extra something to your dab, or using for a bowl topper on flower. Some people also like to make their own infused prerolls using flower and the Crystal Clear distillate syringe.

Flavor and Strain Options

Strain Specific Distillate:

  • 9lb Hammer
  • Acapulco Gold
  • Bruce Banner
  • Dutch Treat
  • MAC
  • Runtz
  • Trainwreck

Flavored Distillate:

  • Joozy Fruit
  • Lemon Tart
  • Tangerine
  • Tiger’s Blood

Live Resin Cartridges:

  • ATF
  • Blue Dream
  • Durban Poison
  • Granddaddy Purple
  • Green Crack
  • Northern Lights
  • Sour Diesel
  • Tropic Truffle

Where to Buy Crystal Clear in WA

Come See Us!

Stop into Alkaloid Cannabis Company and learn why Crystal Clear cartridges are one of the most popular options for vapers in Washington. These potent vapes offer a reliable, consistent high and come in a large variety of strain and flavor options. Stop in and see us to pick up your Crystal Clear cartridge.

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