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Cookies Cannabis

Cookies is a wildly popular producer of top-quality cannabis products. By visiting Alkaloid Cannabis Company dispensary in Washington State, you can find a diverse selection of flower, edibles, vapes, and more made by Cookies. Founded by two cannabis experts who had already produced award-winning strains throughout their storied careers, Cookies launched several years back. The Cookies team created the brand to provide innovative cannabis and CBD products to local retail partners.


Product Specs

Cookies Vapes

The vapes from Cookies are among the most requested of all their products. Cookies cartridges come in strain specific options for the customer to choose what kind of effects they are looking for. Cartridges will have different flavor options, which you can choose based on your taste preferences. The company specializes in sativa hybrids which give a full-body effect. Fans of the vape pens report an uplifted mood and relaxed body. Cartridges from Cookies come in the following varieties:

  • Sweet Tea
  • London Pound Cake
  • Honeybun
  • Grenadine
  • Limoncello
  • Berry Pie
  • Pancakes

Concentrates from Cookies

The extracts from Cookies give a powerful high. Concentrated products come in small packages with only a tiny amount needed for dab rigs. The concentrated form of the cannabis strains means that THC and CBD numbers will be higher than flower and edibles. Alkaloid Cannabis Company carries Pancakes in concentrated form. Pancakes will remind you of a Sunday morning breakfast with a sweet aroma of pancake batter, berries, and butter. The Pancakes strain has a reputation for promoting an energized feeling that won’t leave you anxious or stressed. The company names the Pomelo concentrate for the sizable bright fruit with a vibrant flavor profile. The aromas of Pomelo inspire many to think of ripened peaches and apricots. Fans of the strain say they often feel happy and energetic when using the hybrid strain.

Where to Buy Cookies Cannabis in WA

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Alkaloid Cannabis Comapny has a vast selection of cannabis from Cookies. You can browse our selection and order ahead from the convenient online menu. Alkaloid Cannabis Company works with Washington wholesalers to provide customers with premium concentrates and cartridges. Reach out with any questions or to check the availability of Cookies strains.

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