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Artizen, launched in 2014, as a way to provide craft cannabis to local dispensaries in the Washington State area. Based out of Lacey, the independent cultivator specializes in premium cannabis products, including flower, concentrates, and pre-rolls. Alkaloid Cannabis Company has the most recent releases from Artizen for medical and recreational customers.

A very euphoric high that just leaves you laughing, chatting and lounging.

A**Y Review via Leafly

If you just want to take the edge off but still function pretty well then this is the strain for you. Smooth taste, no couch lock or head in the clouds feeling. What I call the " nobody knows I am high strain "

V**E Review via Leafly

Very good for anxiety, stress and migraines. Very relaxing effects and smokes smooth with good flavor. Very happy with this strain and will be getting more. Found at Trulieve.

S**R Review via Leafly

Artizen Cannabis

Product Line

Since expanding to several facilities across Washington State, Artizen’s strains and product availability has grown significantly. A sampling of products sold by Alkaloid Cannabis Company includes:

  • Pre-rolls. The Artizen pre-rolls from Alkaloid Cannabis Company come in the 0.75-gram size. Strains change regularly, but examples of pre-rolls that come ready to light include Banana Cookies, Grape Ape, Dutchberry, and Meloncane.
  • Flower. Fresh bud is available for recreational and medical clients of Alkaloid Cannabis Company. The size offered is 1 gram and 3.5 grams. The award-winning strains the dispensary sells are Wedding Cake, Dutchberry, and Grape Ape.
  • Concentrates. Concentrates from Artizen include Sugar Wax, a resin that you could use in bowls or dab rigs. Purchase in 1-gram increments in strains like Galactic Glue.

In 2014 the flagship facility was custom designed and built for the cultivation of Artizen Cannabis products. Since the company started, there are several facilities in Washington State that grow and produce the beautiful buds we see on the shelves. As a brand, Artizen makes sure to work with packaging companies that share their values or rigorous standards to ensure everyone’s Artizen experience lives up to their high standards.

Artizen FAQs

What Are Artizen’s Growing Practices?

Artizen Cannabis uses coco-coir as the medium for growing their plants. Coco-coir is harvested from the husks of coconuts and creates a blank slate for the cultivation of cannabis plants. Growers can create the perfect growing environment by introducing nutrients to the coco-coir, which gives the plants the opportunity to grow and produce to their full potential. Artizen uses organic products in the growing of their plants but because the Washington State Department of Agriculture oversees the production of cannabis and does not recognize coco-coir as a primary growing medium, Artizen cannot be approved as “Certified Organic” even with their organic growing practices and organic products used. Artizen takes excellent care of every single crop grown on-site. From planting to packaging, the company believes in the importance of handling with care. All buds are hand-trimmed and packaged fresh by hand. Artizen uses Safer Spray, an organic soap salt from plant materials, for pest control.

What Does Pesticide-Free Mean?

The Food and Drug Administration classifies pesticide-free as a product having no pesticide residue at the time of consumption. The word “pesticide” can be scary but any substance or mixture of substances intended to destroy, repel, or prevent pests is considered a pesticide. This includes a homemade mixture of essential oils that is sprayed onto a plant to prevent pests. It is important to educate yourself on the growing practices and the “pesticides” used during the cultivation process.

What types of strains are available from Artizen?

Artizen Cannabis offers a variety of strains that come in a variety of product offerings. Alkaloid Cannabis carries Artizen flower in sizes ranging from 1g to an ounce. We also have prerolls and their Sugar Wax concentrates. Artizen has indica, sativa, and hybrid strains in their product lines. Each strain will have different effects, with the sativa types reducing anxiety and igniting a person’s creative energies. Indica strains will provide full-body relaxation. Types from Artizen include Purple Sherbet, Rozay Punch, Miracle Alien Cookies, Blue Dream, Galactic Glue, and many others.

Dutchberry – Sativa Dominant Hybrid. DJ Short Blueberry x Dutch Treat. Sweet, berry flavor and aroma.

Galactic Glue – Hybrid. GG#4 x Gobstopper. Sour, pine aroma and flavor profile.

Grape Ape – Indica. Mendocino Purps x Skunk x Afghani. Berry, sweet taste and aroma.

Artizen Review

Artizen has high ratings from Alkaloid Cannabis Company customers. Strains like Wedding Cake have been celebrated for their potency and mood-boosting effects. Dutchberry was an award winner of the 2016 Dope Cup and will provide a very uplifting feeling after use. Grape Ape has a more robust flavor profile than Dutchberry, with dank and dark buds. The weed offers a calming sensation and smells like grape, plum, and black currant. The quality is evident in all cannabis products appearing under the Artizen brand.

Where to Buy Artizen in WA

Come See Us!

Artizen has created long-term partnerships with retailers throughout Washington State, including the Alkaloid Cannabis Company. If you’re located in the Spokane area, you can pick up various Artizen products.

Buy Artizen Cannabis at Alkaloid Cannabis Company

Stop by Alkaloid Cannabis Company in Spokane, WA to pick up Artizen Cannabis products. We carry a variety of products and strains available in flower, pre-rolls, and concentrates whether you are looking for uplifting affects or wanting to relax after a long week.

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