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Airo Brands

Airo Brands is available at Alkaloid Cannabis Company in Spokane, WA and we offer a larger variety of Airo Pods so you can always find what you’re looking for. Airo Brands uses a ceramic atomizer and cellulose wicking system to deliver a larger hit and ensure satisfaction from the first to the last hit. These pods come in a full gram options.

The AiroPro turned out to be a great vape pen system with quality THC cartridges.

Bert Blaze Review via Dab Connection

Incredible strain, especially for wanting to get activities and responsibilities done. It provides a very energetic & alert high that will give you an adventurous demeanor. Two dabs of blue dream cake badder had me cleaning my kitchen and room while listening to some of the finest cannabis friendly music. A great smoke for the person who wants to get out or just get up to get some shit done!

C*S Review via Leafly

Love this in cart form! It tastes so good like blood orange and strawberries. Def sativa. Sudden buzz just puts you in a positive feeling! Very happy and taste great!

J*G Review via Leafly

Airo Brands

Product Specs

Airo Brands focuses on design, vapor delivery, one-of-a kind oils, and quality when creating Airo Pods and Airo devices. The pods are made using a ceramic atomizer to ensure a clean, tasty hit every time and a cellulose wicking system to lengthen the life of each pod.

Live Resin Series

The concentrate that goes into making a Live Resin cartridge has a unique harvest and extraction method. The plants are harvested at their peak and then are freshly frozen and are never cured to allow the terpene profile and cannabinoid profile to shine through. Live Resin concentrates are a full-spectrum oil that gives the consumer the full effect of the strain from the terpenes and cannabinoids found in that strain.

Strain Series

“High-potency, purified cannabis oil blended with 100% naturally sourced terpenes true to the cannabis plant. Our unique terpene profiles give you a classic strain taste and feel.” Strain Series pods give the consumer the true effect of the strain and the real taste.

Artisan Series

The Artisan Series are pods created from Botanically derived terpenes that have a variety of unique fruity, floral, and savory notes. From Mystical Melody that combines Raspberry, Lime and tangerine to Midnight Moon with a sweet, Blueberry flavor. Artisan Series pods are perfect for consumers looking for strong, distinct flavors.

Where to Buy Airo Brands in WA

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Airo Brands is available at Alkaloid Cannabis Company in Spokane, WA. We carry a large variety of Artisan Series, Strain Series, CO2 Series and Live Resin Series pods so you can always find what you’re looking for. Stop in and check out the selection of Airo Brands products.

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