Pre-Rolls Under $5 in Spokane, WA

Pre-Rolls Under $5 in Spokane, WA

On a mission to find the best Spokane pre-roll deals around? Make sure you plan a visit to the Alkaloid Cannabis Company dispensary in Spokane. We’ve got some of the best prices on pre-rolls in Washington State, including select pre-rolls under $5 on occasion. That’s right, for less than the cost of a cuppa joe, you can get your hands on pre-rolled joints from a handful of WA’s best cannabis brands. Check out how to get the best prices on pre-rolls in WA below.

Shop the Top Pre-Rolls in Spokane, WA

Catch These Spokane Pre-Roll Deals at Alkaloid Cannabis Co.

We’re not known as the best dispensary in Spokane for no reason. We’ve got everything from $30 eighths and $20 vape carts to, you guessed it, some of the best pre-roll deals in the area. Even more important, we’ve got a massive selection of pre-rolls made out of the best cannabis strains in Washington State from the most preferred brands in the area. Be sure to look for our two-pack picks, some of which give you two pre-rolls for $10 or less!

While our pre-roll menu is always changing, a few picks you may see on the menu the $5-each price point and up include:

  • High MAC 2-pack Damn Tasty pre-rolls from From the Soil – A hybrid strain with a noteworthy potency and loads of spicy flavor
  • Electric Watermelon 2-pack pre-rolls from Passion Flower – A punchy watermelon hybrid with exceptional mental uplift and physical relaxation
  • Caribbean Chocolate 2-pack pre-rolls from Dewey Cannabis Co. – A rich, cocoa-tinged Indica strain that lulls you right into a peaceful slumber
  • Honeycomb 2-pack pre-rolls from Dewey Cannabis Co. – A smooth-as-honey hybrid strain with ultra sweetness and loads of euphoric energy
  • Gobstopper pre-rolls from Artizen – A candy-flavored hybrid with a creative flair and balanced high

Pre-Roll Deals in Spokane, WA

How to Find the Best Pre-Roll Deals in Spokane

Shopping on a budget for pre-rolls? While weed prices in WA have stabilized over the years, how much you pay for a good pre-roll can vary from one dispensary to the next, so shop wisely. Always take a few minutes to compare certain pre-roll picks on the menu before heading to a particular dispensary to make sure you get the best prices. Stop by Alkaloid Cannabis Company for Wax Wednesday and Shatterday Saturday for a 15% discount on your favorite infused pre-rolls and infused pre-roll packs. Lastly, if you have a certain dispensary you frequent, be sure to sign up for their newsletter to get the inside scoop on specials.

Explore All the Spokane Pre-Roll Deals at Our Spokane Dispensary

From treating customers to all the best Spokane pre-roll deals to making sure they have the best selection to pick from, Alkaloid Cannabis Co. is always looking out for the people who shop for cannabis with us. If you want to explore our massive collection of cannabis pre-rolls, edibles, vapes, and flower, take a look at our menu where you can checkout online and nab your order on the run with a fast pick-up.

Shop the Top Pre-Rolls in Spokane, WA

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