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Pig Out in the Park 2023

When it comes to the best things to do in Spokane, Washington, festivals are always a favorite. And Spokane just happens to host one of the biggest, most enjoyable festivals every year for absolutely free: Pig Out in the Park.

Last year, Pig Out in the Park was actually named Event of the Year by the Greater Spokane Chapter of the Washington Festival & Events Association. It’s easy to understand why when you have some of the best food and free live concerts all in one place. Check out more about Pig Out in the Park, what to expect at this massive festival in 2023, and how to plan your trip below.


What Is Pig Out in the Park Spokane?

Pig Out in the Park is an annual six-day festival that takes place in Spokane’s Riverfront Park around Labor Day weekend every year. Every year, dozens of bands and musicians, and food vendors gather at the park to create an admission-free event that brings people together from all walks of life. People travel to Pig Out in the Park from all over, including from surrounding states and other countries.

The entertainment is free—the only cost is whatever you pay for your food. And you can sink your teeth into some of the best food in the state. The event has a notorious reputation for bringing together some of the top food vendors in the area.

The Pig Out in the Park festival is brought together through a cooperative effort of several area entities, including the Six Bridges Art Association and Burke Marketing. Pig Out in the Park is one of the area’s oldest and most anticipated festivals, it has actually been part of Spokane’s event lineup since 1979.

View from the Spokane River waterfront promenade path looking towards the pavilion and clock tower at the public Riverfront Park in downtown Spokane, Washington, USA.

What to Expect at Pig Out in the Park 2023

Pig Out in the Park 2023 is slated to be one of the most memorable and enjoyable events of the year. This year’s festival will take place between August 30th and September 4th from 11 am to 10 pm daily. At least 50 food vendors are planned with over 250 menu items to choose from between them. A few names on the list for 2023 include Berry Ka Bob, Best Buzz Coffee, Deano’s Grill & Catering, and Pizza Rita.

In addition to all the food you could ever want to try, Pig Out in the Park will host 35 public market booths where you can get your face painted, Native American jewelry, handcrafted decor, custom t-shirts, and more. Four adult beverage gardens will also be available, so you can try some of the best local brews in the state.

The Pig Out in the Park Music Lineup 2023

The music is just as much a reason to visit Pig Out in the Park as the food. Every year, this Spokane festival hosts an impressive lineup of artists, both new and old, from about any music genre you can imagine. For 2023, there will be 112 free concerts happening throughout the event on four different stages.

A few names that have made it onto the roster for the 2023 festival include:

  • Funky Unkle
  • Not.Greenday
  • Fine-Line
  • Agents of Rock
  • Jacob Rountree & The Somethings
  • Anthony Ray
  • James Motley
  • Red Neck Bees
  • Santa Poco
  • Alison Joy Williams
  • Snacks at Midnight
  • Trailer Park Girls
  • The Redline Syndicate

Planning Your Trip to Pig Out in the Park – FAQs

Will there be parking available at the event?

There are quite a few parking areas available for the event. You will find parking at the Parking Garage at River Park Square on West Main Avenue and in several other area lots.

Are pets allowed at Pig Out in the Park?

Due to city ordinances, pets are not allowed at Pig Out in the Park. Therefore, organizers advise guests to leave their pets at home.

Is Pig Out in the Park family-friendly?

Yes. The festival is considered a family-friendly event that can be a lot of fun for people of all ages.

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