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Lucid Cannabis Company is a medical & recreational cannabis dispensary located in Spokane, WA – only 40 min (29.0 mi) West of Post Falls, ID 83854 via I-90 E. Visit our recreational & medical cannabis dispensary today!

lucid cannabis company spokane

Post Falls, ID 83854 (Medical & Recreational) Marijuana Dispensary Customers

Why Visit Our Dispensary Near Post Falls, ID

If you’ve been looking for a place to find the hottest trends and best deals for cannabis products, you’re in luck. At Lucid Cannabis Company, we have everything you need to enjoy the new legal WA market. Just 38 minutes away from Post Falls on I-90W, you’ll find one of the best cannabis dispensaries around.

Stop in to find out why we’re the best dispensary in the state! While CBD may be legal in Idaho, recreational marijuana is not.

A few things to note before your visit

While cannabis is legal in Washington, it is still 100% illegal in Idaho. This means you cannot legally bring any cannabis products back with you over the border. For this reason, we put together an awesome list of resources for you.

Making a weekend out of it?

Check out the local AirBNB options, as there are 300+ stays in Spokane County alone, not to mention hotels and other accommodations.

First time visiting a dispensary in Washington State?

We recommend that you make yourself familiar with the rules and regulations here. Also, if you’re interested in speaking to local legislators or other cannabis changemakers in Idaho, get a hold of local reps here.

Visiting Lucid Cannabis Company

We get a lot of questions about our dispensary. The cannabis market is still new and that means that people are curious about what’s going on. We put together this Medical Cannabis FAQ so that you can get the basics before you shop at our dispensary.

Our friendly staff is here to make sure you have an amazing time while you shop. We can answer all of your questions about cannabis, our dispensary, and help you find the products that will give you the experience that you’re looking for. Explore the new cannabis market and enjoy some of the most interesting products for sale today, like Ray’s Lemonade. We’ve got everything new from new strains of cannabis flower to classic edibles in our dispensary.

If you’re looking for something a little more, we’ve got what you need. You can check out our online menus to find some cutting-edge cannabis hybrids as well as all of the classics. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Our friendly staff are always ready to help you find a cannabis product that meets your needs. We’ve also collected a few more local resources to help you plan your trip here:

Are you travelling from Post Falls, ID?

Our marijuana dispensary is about a half-hour drive from Post Falls, Idaho. This makes us an excellent choice for people planning a weekend trip to one of Washington’s most fascinating cities. Spokane has grown into a bustling, exciting hub. When you visit Spokane, you’ll be seeing a historic city with incredible food, high-end entertainment, and some of the most stunning views of the northern Rocky Mountains. We are a university town with enough of attractions to keep you entertained all weekend. You can visit the Rocky Mountains, visit some local waterfalls, or enjoy the nightlife in our downtown district.

Our Spokane cannabis dispensary near Post Falls, ID is an ideal choice for an out of town visit. You’ll find our helpful staff ready and waiting to help you find the cannabis products that will help you achieve the experience that’s right for you. Swing by Lucid Cannabis Company as part of your next trip to Spokane and our staff will help you with all of your Cannabis needs!

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Customer Reviews

Madeleine was very helpful in finding us what we were looking for! She gave us insight on certain products and was friendly throughout our visit. 🙂 Highly recommend her and Lucid!

Tonya Google Review

Daniel was extremely helpful when purchasing my items! Extremely friendly and kind! It was my first time coming into Lucid and will definitely be back again!

Elizabeth Google Review

Oh em GEE do i LOVE this spot!!! Back, once again, a Mr. Ethan Andres with long black Lucious locks blessed me this visit. I’m consistently on a low budget, & usually have to choose flower or concentrate… NOT TODAY! THANK YOU SO MUCH! He was patient, made great recommendations, & kept it all within my budget! YOU GUYS NEVER DISAPPOINT, thank you, THANK YOU!

C Google Review

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