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Medical & Recreational Cannabis Dispensary Near Hayden, ID 83835

Lucid Cannabis Company is a medical & recreational cannabis dispensary located in Spokane, WA – only 53 min (36.1 mi) West of Hayden, ID 83835 via E Trent Ave. Recreational & medical cannabis dispensary customers are welcome!

lucid cannabis company spokane

Hayden, ID 83835 (Medical & Recreational) Marijuana Dispensary Customers

Why Visit Our Dispensary near Hayden, ID?

While Yes, weed is illegal in Idaho, but don’t worry – you can still come to see us! If you live near Hayden, Lucid Cannabis Company should be your first choice in a cannabis dispensary.

Hayden, ID, has some of the most breathtaking scenery and beautiful shorelines in this part of the country. One thing Hayden doesn’t have is a cannabis dispensary (as cannabis is illegal throughout the entire State of Idaho). Fortunately, you can legally visit our dispensary near Idaho!

If you live near Hayden, Lucid Cannabis Company should be your first choice in a cannabis dispensary. Because medical and recreational cannabis is legal in Idaho, you can relax and enjoy your visit. Also known as the Dabbin’ Cabin, we offer flowers from some of the leading brands, such as Artisan, Blue Roots, and BudCo Farms.

Cannabis, Your Way.

Choose from indica strains, such as Grape Ape or Dutch Treat, sativa strains or even hybrids. You can also pick up some pre-rolled infused blunts, extracts, vapes, tinctures, topicals, and edibles in the form of bars, fruit chews and fruit drops, capsules, and salted caramels. Lucid Cannabis Company is also your #1 source for dab rings and rigs, bubbler water pipes, and other gear to enhance your cannabis experience.

What You’ll See on the Way

The trip from Hayden to Spokane will only take you about 45 minutes by car – that is, if you can resist stopping at some of the sites between the two cities. It won’t take long to get to Post Falls, an authentic mill town nestled between the Rathdrum prairie to the north and the Spokane River to the south. After crossing the Idaho/Washington border, you’ll pass through the city of Liberty Lake. If you’d like to jump off the highway for a few minutes, you can cut south to see Liberty Lake, a gorgeous body of water.

Next, you’ll go through Spokane Valley, which is the largest suburb of Spokane. With its 254 acres of parks, playgrounds, and open spaces, Spokane Valley is a great place to get out of the car and stretch your legs.

Once you get into Spokane, head to Lucid Cannabis Company by going north on State Route 2, also known as N. Division Street. Be sure to stay right as Route 395 splits off from 2 by the Walmart Super Center and Chick-fil-A. Route 2 becomes N. Newport Hwy at this point. Keep going north until you arrive at 11414 N Newport Hwy, where you’ll find one of the best dispensaries near the Idaho/Washington border.

Quick Links for Out-of-Staters

If you’re visiting our dispensary and planning to stay in the area overnight, check out this list of 300+ AirBNB options at your disposal.

Do you like to ski or mountain bike? Our dispensary is situated near the following mountains.

Looking for the best dispensary near Hayden?

Visit The Dabbin' Cabin in Spokane, WA!

We sell only the finest cannabis products available, and our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the right cannabis product to fit your mood and lifestyle. You can even pre-order online for convenient pickup!

Our customers come from cities all over North Idaho, including Coeur D Alene, Post Falls, Priest River, and Silver Sands Beach because they know they can rely on Lucid Cannabis Company for top-quality cannabis and cannabis products.

Reviews of our dispensary in Spokane, WA

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Ethan is patient, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and a lot of fun. Everything you could hope for in a budtender. Thanks Ethan, and thanks to Lucid North for being our go to stop for whatever we need. You are always well stocked and the staff is always cheerful and helpful.

Josh Google Review

Sarah was exactly what it needed. She explained everything in full detail didn’t sell me on anything’s just mentioned the benefits of different products and I appreciate all she did for me. When I’m return I’ll make sure to ask for Sarah. More like her are needed.

Dale Google Review

I LOVE Lucid!! I’m always treated like a friend right when I walk in the door. I especially like the displays. Organized, well lit, and full. Thank you Andrew for all your help.

Tiffany Google Review

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