What Is the Best Way to Store Cannabis Flower?  

It is just as important to know the best way to store weed as it is to know the cannabis strains that you prefer.

Proper storage is particularly important for cannabis flower, which by its nature as a plant that’s grown, dried, harvested and cured can be vulnerable to environmental conditions. Improper storage of your cannabis flower can leave it without smell and reduce its effect.

Proper storage under the right conditions can ensure your cannabis flower’s potency and taste can be maintained for the longest possible time, in some cases more than six months. These four factors impact the storage of cannabis flower.

  • Temperature: To keep the weed’s terpenes and cannabinoids from drying out, cannabis flower should be stored at a temperature under 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Humidity: An ideal balance between humid and dry conditions will help keep cannabis flower fresh, maintaining its color, flavor, aroma, etc. Too much humidity, and mold can form; too dry and the flower becomes brittle and harsh to consume.
  • Air: Exposure to air impacts the temperature and humidity affecting flower, so it’s important to limit contact.
  • Light: It’s best to store cannabis flower away from sunlight because UV rays can degrade the plant.

How to store cannabis flower

You have options when it comes to finding the best way to store weed so it doesn’t dry out. There are specialty containers available, like a CVault Twist, and you can opt for the basic glass jar.

First, the basic glass jar offers a good choice for weed storage. Glass, like a mason jar, helps preserve the taste and aroma of cannabis flower, along with its potency. For best results, an airtight glass container helps offer the best protection. There are UV-proof glass containers available, which goes the extra distance by protecting your weed from UV light.

It’s a good idea, too, to pack in as much of your flower as you can for storage. This will help eliminate space needed for oxygen to become trapped, which can impact quality over time.

Get the most protection for your weed from CVault

Many cannabis enthusiasts rely on the CVault container to provide the most reliable protection for their weed. In addition to serving as a preferred storage method to keep flower fresh, the CVault also helps:

  • Revive older flower
  • Control humidity in two ways.
  • Enhance taste
  • Improve smoothness
  • Increase storage time
  • Discreetly store pot

CVault’s performance in fighting moisture, light and changes in temperature ensure that it will provide ideal storage conditions for the experienced cannabis user to the first-time smoker.

Long-term storage options for cannabis flower

In addition to CVault, there are other options for long-term storage of your pot.

  • Vacuum-sealing: One of the best ways to maintain your cannabis flower’s freshness over many months is to vacuum seal it. The vacuum-sealing also helps significantly reduce the odor of your flower, which can leave indoor areas smelling like pot if your cannabis is not properly stored. Often the most fragrant strain can be more potent than others, but they also make it difficult to discreetly store your weed. If you want discretion and longer life from your flower, consider vacuum sealing with weed bags or typical food packaging you can buy online.
  • Canning jar: If you are into canning fruits and veggies, you can also seal your cannabis flower in a dark canning jar to help preserve it for more than a few months. It’s best to store these jars in a cool, dark place that is temperature controlled so the temperature and humidity are controlled.

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