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What is Rocket Cannabis?

Rocket Cannabis is a Washington-based cannabis grower with a reputation for providing high quality products at great prices. The Rocket Cannabis crew hand selects strains for potency and flavor, offering a variety of Indica, Sativa and Hybrid strains that are grown in-house under rigorous quality criteria. They produce some of the best flower, pre-rolls, and concentrates available.

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Rocket Cannabis Product Line

Rocket Cannabis is best known for its flower, sold by weight or in pre-rolls. They also produce premium distillates in CCell cartridges and concentrates. Some of the notable strains that Rocket Cannabis grows in-house include GG4 (Gorilla Glue #4), Purple Punch, Grizzly Kush, Tangie Cookies and White Tahoe Cookies.

Rocket Cannabis Flower

The strains at Rocket Cannabis were selected by the crew based on characteristics, including stability, resin production, effect, consistency, smell and taste. Some Hybrid strains available include Apple Fritter, Cake Pop, Pancakes, Sunday Driver, Terpee Slurpee and Zookies.

Rocket Cannabis Extract

Rocket Cannabis offers a cured resin extract, including Platinum Cookies.

Who owns Rocket Cannabis?

Jeff Johnson is listed as the owner of Rocket Cannabis, based in Clarkston, Washington.

Rocket Cannabis Review

Rocket Cannabis prides itself for its in-house hydroponic grow system that its own crew custom designed. This system allows Rocket Cannabis to produce the best quality product and to maintain consistency with each harvest. The company places a premium on cleanliness throughout its facility. After each harvest, the crew meticulously breaks down every room in the facility. Each piece is disassembled and cleaned through a high-temperature dishwasher that also sanitizes every component.

Rocket Cannabis sets itself apart from other growers by leaving trichome heads intact on its flower. The crew uses a specific cure and hand-trim process that stands out as a way to preserve as many bulging heads as they can. This unique process of care and handling of the product throughout the curing and trimming process produces healthy trichomes not seen in similarly priced flower on the market.

Where to buy Rocket Cannabis products in Washington

Alkaloid Cannabis Company offers Rocket Cannabis products among the many quality brands sold at the dispensary in Spokane, WA. Among the Rocket Cannabis products sold are flower, pre-rolls and concentrates.

Buy Rocket Cannabis at Alkaloid Cannabis Company

Rocket Cannabis’ commitment to quality and affordable prices echoes the commitment from Alkaloid Cannabis Company. Alkaloid Cannabis promises to offer only the best quality, consistency and service when it comes to marijuana. Our staff prides itself on helping to educate its customers. Schedule a visit to our dispensary today to speak to one of the expert crew members to determine how Rocket Cannabis’ products can help serve your marijuana needs. We are located in Spokane, near Idaho.

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