Pesticides: The Good and The Bad

Pesticides have always been a hot topic when it comes to cannabis, whether a farm uses them, and the kind of pesticides used. There are several reasons a farm will use pesticides and why they choose certain methods to protect their plants. We will look at a few reasons why cannabis companies use pesticides and other methods used for protecting the plants. Check out the list at the bottom of the article to see what farms Alkaloid Cannabis Company carries that are pesticide free.

Why do farms use pesticides?

With cannabis still being federally illegal, there is very little financial protection for farms if or when there is a crop that is ruined by mold, mildew, bugs, or bacteria. Cannabis plants specifically are prone to insects like spider mites, and using insecticides helps protect the plant from getting taken over. The biggest concern with pesticides is when we go to consume the product and having them combust while inhaling whatever is left in the flower after the flushing stage in the growing process.

Natural Pesticides

Plants produce terpenes, which are their natural defense system to repel insects, fungi, and other invasive plants. Cannabis plants are no different and produce terpenes to protect themselves. In the cultivation of cannabis, there are pesticides used that come from other plants, the most popular are rosemary oil, chrysanthemum oil, and neem oil, which comes from the neem tree. Many pesticide-free companies use beneficial insects, like ladybugs, pirate bugs, and green lacewings to protect their plants from spider mites and other insect infestations.

Pesticide Free Companies

Here at Alkaloid Cannabis Company, we have several companies that are pesticide free. Check out the list or come into the shop and talk to one of our Cannabis Specialists.

  • Avitas
  • Burnwell
  • Dutch Brothers Farms
  • Equinox
  • Good Earth Cannabis
  • Gold Leaf
  • FireBros
  • Harmony Farms
  • Legendary Labs
  • Method Cannabis
  • Mfused
  • Ooowee
  • And many more

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