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Sometimes the most appreciated cannabis product brands are those that offer a comprehensive collection of innovative products. Green Revolution is just that. With a massive selection of everything from infused edibles to top-shelf flower, Green Revolution is quickly becoming a top name in cannabis. And, we are happy to have this brand’s high-quality products at Alkaloid Cannabis Company in Spokane, WA.

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Who is Green Revolution?

Green Revolution is a cannabis product manufacturer based in Poulsbo, Washington. The company uses a TLC (Terpene Love Cannabinoid) standardization protocol to bring its products to life. This protocol is all about ensuring there are uniform cannabinoid and terpene profiles across their innovative product lineup so you always get a consistent experience. Green revolution offers a full collection of edibles, cannabinoid tinctures, and flower.

The Green Revolution Product Line

Green Revolution has an impressive selection of cannabis products covering pretty much the full spectrum of possibilities. Their product lineup includes:

  • Green Revolution Tincture – Nano-emulsified, water-based cannabis tinctures
  • Green Revolution Joysticks – Pre-rolls made from unique strain blends
  • Green Revolution Doozies – Award-winning cannabis gummies, in flavors like Juicy Peach and Goldenberry
  • Green Revolution Full Synergy Serum – whole-plant RSO
  • Green Revolution Wildside Shots – Cannabis-infused shots in a range of flavors and cannabinoid ratios
  • Green Revolution Concentrates – Live resins with high terpenes for maximum flavor and effects
  • Green Revolution Vape Carts – Cannabis-infused vape carts
  • Green Revolution Topicals – cannabis-infused muscle rub and personal lubricants

Green Revolution also offers a line of CBD products derived from hemp, including CBD Gummies and more.

Green Revolution Product FAQs

How potent are Green Revolution pre-rolls?

The potency of Green Revolution pre-rolls can vary depending on the product. The brand offers pre-rolls made with different strains and single-strains, so be sure to check out the cannabinoid percentage on any pre-roll you are considering.

What is a Green Revolution tincture made from?

Green Revolutions tinctures are a water-based formula made with nano-emulsified cannabinoids. The different tinctures have different cannabinoid collections to offer specific sets of effects. This is said to contribute to faster absorption rates.

What’s in a Green Revolution vape cart?

Green Revolution vape carts are made with full-spectrum cannabis oils. Each vape cart is modeled after the strain for which it is named, so the cannabinoid and terpene profiles vary.

Green Revolution Review

Green Revolution has a pretty stellar reputation, both in terms of the brand itself and the products they have to offer. The brand offers unique cannabis-based products, often made with proprietary processes that no other brand has done. This sets them apart from a lot of standard products.

Where to Buy Green Revolution Products in Spokane, WA

Green Revolution Products are available at adult-use and medical dispensaries throughout Washington, including the Alkaloid Cannabis Company in Spokane. Here at Alkaloid, we hand select every product that makes it on our menu because it is top-quality, well-tested, and bound to offer an enjoyable experience. Be sure to take a look at our dispensary menu to find the Green revolution products you want to try.

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