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What is Fairwinds?

Fairwinds, established in 2014, started with the mission to provide highly-engineered nutraceutical cannabis wellness products to the state of Washington’s recreational market. The Fairwinds vision is to produce the highest quality CBD cannabis products, using clinical studies, real science and doctors to find the best natural solutions.

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Who owns Fairwinds?

Founders James and Wendy Hull started Fairwinds with their shared passion for wellness, health, nutrition and natural medicine. They joined the cannabis industry with a commitment to help those who could benefit from cannabis products and with an emphasis on medical solutions in a growing recreational market.

Fairwinds Review

Fairwinds relies on modern, best-in-class cannabis growing and cultivation methods and unique processing technologies, founded on progressive eastern medicine, formulations and philosophy. Since its creation, Fairwinds has advocated for high cultivation and processing standards as part of its mission to provide the best and most effective product that also is the safest for its clients.

Fairwinds relies on a board of expert formulators and medical advisors to design products rooted in traditional theory and ancient holistic concepts. Offering more than just the benefits of cannabis, Fairwinds provides nutraceutical wellness products with the help of a team of medical doctors who review the products and consult on formulations to ensure the safest, most effective product for the broadest range of patients. The company emphasizes care for medical patients at a time when many competitors are expanding into the growing recreational market.

Fairwinds Product Line


These capsules are formulated with a combination of terpenes, cannabinoids and adaptogenic herbs to provide extended relief while keeping the mind clear. They are designed to help reduce stress, improve sleep, increase comfort and sharpen mental clarity.

Mocha Coffee

Catapult Coffee, a cannabis-infused coffee, comes in k-cup pods, compatible with all Keurig machines, and single-serve pouches.

Full Extract Cannabis Oil

The 10:1 CBD to THC ratio for oral or topical use provides a balanced cannabis effect.


The Fairwinds Discreet Inhaler line offers a new way to inhale cannabis oil without smoking or vaping. The inhalers do not produce heat, which keeps the terpene and cannabinoid content in its purest form.


A collection of topical and cream products that provide consistent and fast-acting results for powerful support, made with clinically-proven, natural ingredients.


A variety of hybrid, Sativa, Indica tinctures, including full-spectrum, designed to help with your medical cannabis needs.

Vape Cartridges

Cartridges that provide premium cannabis oil and naturally-derived terpenes to meet your specific medical needs, including relaxation, sleep, anxiety and pain relief.

Where to buy Fairwinds products in Washington

Alkaloid Cannabis Company features Fairwinds products among its quality brands sold at the dispensary in Spokane, WA.

Buy Fairwinds at Alkaloid Cannabis Company

The Alkaloid Canabis dispensary, located on Spokane’s northside, proudly offers an extensive menu of natural and superior cannabis products. Visit our dispensary to speak to one of the expert crew members to determine how Fairwinds’ products can help serve your needs.

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