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What is Ceres Garden?

Ceres Garden has served as one of Washington’s more innovative cannabis brands since it opened in 2013. Rooted in a foundation of plant-based medicine, all of Ceres’ products are made with organic, locally sourced ingredients. Ceres ensures the best quality and consistency in its products with industry-leading water culture technology, which helps keep pests, bacteria and mold out of the plants. Ceres offers a variety of products, including topicals, edibles and tinctures.

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Ceres Garden Product Line

Dragon Balm

This highly potent topical offers relief for chronic pain sufferers, becoming one of the most popular medical marijuana products in Washington. The combination of 175 mg of THC and 175 mg of CBD, mixed with other medicinal ingredients, gives this balm a powerful kick to provide cooling relief.


These soft chews come in a variety of flavors, each chew containing 10 mg of THC. The assortment of fruity flavoring includes mango, apple, cherry and watermelon. The gummies provide a nice alternative experience for those who may not enjoy smoking weed.


Another favorite among non-smokers is the tincture, a liquid version of cannabis delivered orally. The tincture includes 100 mg of THC and Kava Kava, a Polynesian plant that promotes muscle relaxation. The Chill Indica tincture is best for issues of insomnia, headaches and anxiety.


Ceres also produces other edibles, such as CBD chocolate bites and THC milk chocolate bites. These are organic edibles that offer help with anxiety or pain. The edible candies each contain 20 mg of CBD and are full-spectrum, which means they are made using all of the compounds from the plant.

Who owns Ceres Garden?

Laurent Bentitou is listed as the owner of Ceres, based in Bellevue, Washington.

Ceres Garden Review

Ceres takes its name from the Roman goddess of agriculture. Ceres uses Deep Water Culture to grow its cannabis, which is a basic hydroponic method that submerges the plant’s roots in nutrient-rich oxygenated water. While they produce traditional flower for consumption, Ceres is known for its cannabis-derived products, like RSO activated oil, edibles, tinctures, bath salts, balms, lotions and capsules.

Where to Buy Green Revolution Products in Spokane, WA

Alkaloid Cannabis Company offers a variety of Ceres products among the brands sold at the dispensary in Spokane, WA. Among the Ceres products sold are topicals, tincture and edibles, including the popular Dragon Balm and the assorted fruit chews.

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Just like Ceres, Alkaloid Cannabis Company is committed to high quality, consistency and education when it comes to marijuana. Our dispensary, located on Spokane’s northside, prides itself on the impressive selection we offer our customers of natural and superior cannabis products like Ceres. Stop by our dispensary to talk to one of our knowledgeable staff members about how Ceres products can serve your

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