Finding The Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Washington State (2023)  

As only the second state in the country to legalize recreational cannabis, Washington could easily be called one of the most weed-friendly places in the country. Whether you’re looking for medical cannabis to treat what ails you or simply premium cannabis for sheer enjoyment, there are plenty of medical and recreational dispensaries to serve you. Question is, what are the best dispensaries in Washington? Check out a few top picks.

Best Dispensary in Eastern Washington

Alkaloid Cannabis Company

Type: Medical and Recreational

Alkaloid Cannabis Company has one of the most popular cannabis dispensaries in Spokane, and it is easy to see why with just one look. From offering an incredible lineup of craft flower, popular edibles, vape carts, and more to priding themselves on stellar customer service, Alkaloid Cannabis Company truly delivers when it comes to shopping for cannabis. Alkaloid Cannabis Company has both a recreational and medical menu filled with hand-selected choices for the best experiences, and they offer online orders for convenient pickup. People who visit this dispensary always have good things to say about their shopping experience, as well as the overall atmosphere and superior level of customer service.

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Best Dispensary in Western Washington

Hashtag Cannabis & Supply Co.

Type: Recreational

Hashtag Cannabis has locations in Seattle and Redmond, WA, and they have been in business for several years. With an aim to provide premium cannabis at affordable prices, Hashtag has garnered some committed customers throughout the years. Their menu is filled with flower, concentrates, edibles, and more from the best brands and cultivators in the state. And, they have a good reputation for offering an excellent variety as well as top-notch customer service.

Best Dispensary in Southern Washington

Green2Go Tri-Cities

Type: Medical and Recreational

Green2Go is one of the few recreational cannabis dispensaries in the southern part of Washington. The location is private, and the atmosphere is always inviting, not to mention they offer one of the most extensive recreational menus you can find. Customers say that Green2Go is always eager to help you find what you need, even if they have to spend a few minutes teaching you about different products.

Best Dispensary in Northern Washington

House of Cannabis

Type: Recreational and Medical

House of Cannabis opened in Twisp, WA in 2016, and they are said to have one of the largest inventories available anywhere in the northern part of the state. House of Cannabis is known for its chill vibes and retro interior, but its menu is just as impressive. With a massive lineup of cannabis flower in a multitude of strains, top-requested edibles, and more, finding what you want is easy. And, visitors claim they always find good sales or popular products at reasonable prices.

What Makes the Best Dispensary in Washington?

Curious how we chose the best dispensaries in Washington? We dug through everything from firsthand reviews and online menus to location and mission statements to find the top picks. No matter where you go in The Evergreen State, good weed would never be hard to find.

Going to be in the Spokane area? We’d love to see you at Alkaloid Cannabis Company! Check out our medical and recreational menus to get a look at our extensive collection.

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