420 Friendly Camping Spots in Washington State

Been on a search for 420 friendly camping near me? No doubt, The Green State has a lot of good options when you like to trek into the great outdoors and sleep under the stars. However, if you prefer to combine camping with cannabis, a new way to enjoy canna tourism in Washington, you may have to dig a little deeper to find 420 friendly camping. Lucky for you, we did the digging so all you have to do is pack your tent and backpack, swing by our dispensary to pick up your favorite strain or infused product and be on your way.

Top Spots for 420 Friendly Camping Washington State

Whether you are looking for 420 friendly camping Spokane Valley or elsewhere in WA, you should have no trouble finding a place to hang your hat for the night. Here are a few top picks.

1. The Tree House Joint in Monroe

Not quite a campground, but just as inviting, the Tree House Joint is a top stopping point for canna-tourists in Washington. This property has four unique treehouses on site to rent with names like the Pot Leaf Tree House, Trippy Tree House, and the 420 Tree House. Each spot is a small, primitive tree house tucked into the trees and offering basic amenities like a bed and solar lights. However, your stay also grants you access to a VIP lounge with full bathrooms and a kitchen.

2. Rose Creek Retreat in Rosburg

If you like a secluded experience, Rose Creek Retreat is hands-down one of the best 420 friendly camping spots in WA. Positioned along the Columbia River, Rose Creek is a privately-owned place with secluded campsites that have just enough amenities. You can bring your own tent or sleep in one of the handful of wikiups surrounded by the earth and local vegetation. Some campsites have extra whimsy, such as charming solar string lights and stone-made fire pits.

3. Mountain Refuge Ranch in Mountain Falls

Mountain Refuge Ranch is surrounded by the Selkirk Mountains, so you have this picturesque setting that makes every stay feel like an adventure. The Ranch boasts several different campsite locations, including sites along Eagle Ridge, Cliff Side, and RiverSide View. Regardless of the site you pick, you are totally immersed in natural wilderness. And, each campsite offers at least one hammock, a campfire ring, and flats for tent setups, as well as access to a nearby outhouse.

Tips for Staying Legal with 420 Friendly Camping in WA

  • Know campground rules – Never assume cannabis is OK on any campground, even if your good friend says so. Look at the rules and regulations. Most will explicitly state so if cannabis is not allowed.
  • Be considerate of other people. – Even if you do find a 420 friendly campground, be mindful that other campers may not be there for the same reason. Keep your distance while smoking and be mindful of public consumption with other campers in the vicinity.
  • Be safe. – Save your weed time for when you’re safely tucked away at your campsite. Don’t partake and head out on an unfamiliar or treacherous hiking trail alone. And, lastly, always properly extinguish your pre-rolls, joints, matches, hemp wicks, and lighters with water before disposal.
  • Stay away from national parks. – Federally governed, all national parks are a no-go. Getting caught with cannabis in any of the national parks can lead to hefty fines.
  • Watch out about traveling across state lines. – When it comes to 420 friendly camping Idaho is not the place. The state has some of the strictest cannabis laws in the nation, with even a small possession charge being punishable with jail time and a misdemeanor charge.

Heading Out for 420 Friendly Camping in WA? Ensure Happy Trails with Alkaloid Cannabis Company

If you want to make sure your night under the stars with cannabis is everything you want, be sure to stop in and see us at Alkaloid Cannabis Company in Spokane along your way. Check out our online menu where you can reserve your picks ahead for quick pickup when you arrive.

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