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Gary Payton

Gary Payton, a hybrid cannabis strain named after the former NBA point guard and Hall of Famer, is a joint effort by Cookies and Powerzzz Genetics. Cookies cultivar bred the strain, which combines the Y and Snowman cannabis strains to make a potent and colorful strain that is known best for its flavor. This popular strain comes with high levels of THC and nearly zero CBD, which makes it a finely balanced hybrid that is mild and lacking the extreme effects of other strains.

Is Gary Payton Indica or Sativa?

Gary Payton is a sativa-dominant hybrid.

More Gary Payton Strain Characteristics

With its balanced blend of indica and sativa, Gary Payton is ideal for daytime use. It offers relaxed energy that motivates throughout the day, particularly for social and creative efforts. The strain’s 23% average THC level and 1% CBG make it ideal for those seeking a fun, energetic experience. Gary Payton is particularly effective for conditions like anxiety, depression and stress.


The former NBA star who began using cannabis to address symptoms after his retirement joined Powerzzz Genetics to leverage the breeding efforts of Cookies to develop Gary Payton. The strain, with a lineage linked to Cookies genetics, stems from parents Snowman and The Y. Its balance of 50% sativa and 50% indica ensures the best of both effects.


Gary Payton’s appearance includes colorful, impressive, cone-shaped buds that are tightly wound.


Gary Payton presents a peppery aroma with earthy scents of pine and citrus.


Gary Payton weed is known for hints of spicy pepper, apricot and lavender flavor.


The Gary Payton strain’s terpene profile consists of mostly Caryophyllene, which may provide users relief from inflammation, with secondary terpenes of limonene and pinene that produce the earthy pine and citrus qualities of the strain.

Effects: how will Gary Payton strain make me feel?

Users report that Gary Payton produces a euphoric feeling, providing happiness and an uplifting experience, along with a sense of well-being. It is known for its calming effects, reducing tension and stress. Some users note a greater focus and creativity from Gary Payton, and improved social interactions with easy conversation. Gary Payton provides relief for anxiety, depression and moodiness, along with pain relief. Its reported side effects include dry mouth, dry or irritated eyes and increased heart rate for users who are sensitive.

Strains like Gary Payton

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Where to Buy Gary Payton Weed in Washington

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