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Want to recognize the amazing budtenders we have at Alkaloid Cannabis Company? Nominate your favorite budtender for a Budtender Award. Click the link and fill out the submission form, you can vote as many times as you want! Learn more below.


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About The Budtender Awards

The “OG” Awards were created by the Budtender Awards crew and include nine categories. There will be five finalists in each category.

Not sure who to vote for? Here’s our recommendations:

  • Mastermind Award – Trey
  • 710 Master Award – Daniel

The greater the number of votes in their favor, the more likely it is that they will be selected as the winner. No matter how many votes they receive, the finalists are chosen based on a wide range of criteria such as questionnaire replies and testimonials from customers and coworkers. They are also given credit for their work in the media. The Budtender Awards crew and industry professionals choose the winners.

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The Original (“OG”) 9 awards

  • Medallion Award – Sponsored by Select
  • Ambassador Award – Sponsored by Philter Labs
  • Dazed & Infused Award – Sponsored by Wana
  • CBD Award – Sponsored by STNR
  • In The Arts Award – Sponsored by WeedTube
  • Dr. Cannabis Award – Sponsored by Advanced Nutrients
  • Spotlight Award
  • Mastermind Award
  • 710 Master Award


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