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Blueberry Scone Cannabis

Blueberry Scone is an indica hybrid that was created by Freya Farms, a family-run operation. This high-quality strain is popular with blueberry lovers, as it both smells and carries the flavor of a perfectly ripened summer berry.

Blueberry Scone:

Strain Information

Whether you’re a novice smoker or you’ve been in the game for awhile, it’s smart to research different strains of marijuana and learn how they might make you feel. This strain is earthy, sour, and sweet, allowing users to fully experience all that it has to offer from the first smoke.

How Long Does It Take To Feel The Effects of Blueberry Scone?

While the time it takes to feel the effect of weed differs from person to person, many report feeling a nearly immediate high after smoking Blueberry Scone. Users report a combo mind-body high, making Blueberry Scone the perfect fit when you want to get creative or chill out after a long day.

Who Is A Good Fit For Blueberry Scone Weed?

Whether you’re an artist or someone who just wants to get more in touch with your creative side, Blueberry Scone is the perfect way to get out of your head and into all that your untapped creative mind has to offer. After a few hits of Blueberry Scone, don’t be surprised if you want to work on art, music, or simply stare at the sky overhead.

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