Best Weekly Deals for Cannabis

Weekly Deals

Looking for great deals on cannabis? Look no further, Alkaloid Cannabis Company has the best deals for cannabis in Spokane, WA. Stop by the best cannabis shop for the best deals on cannabis. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Munchie Monday

 All your favorite infused candies and drinks are 15% off on Mondays for Munchie Monday. Stop in to re-stock on your edibles.

TNT Tuesday

Tuesday is all about tinctures, topicals and capsules. Stop by and learn about the amazing products and the different minor cannabinoids found in them. Receive 15% off when you shop TNT Tuesday products.

Toker Tuesday

Looking for a good day to pick up some non-infused prerolls? Stop by Alkaloid Cannabis for Toker Tuesday and receive 15% off all non-infused prerolls and non-infused preroll packs.

Wax Wednesday

Shop one of the two days for concentrates. 15% off all dabs, cartridges, and infused prerolls.

Wyld Wednesday

Stop by Alkaloid Cannabis on Wyld Wednesday to pick up all Wyld edibles and Good Tide edibles 30% off.

TNT Thursday

Weren’t able to make it in on a Tuesday? No worries, tinctures, topicals and capsules are 15% off on Thursdays as well. Stop in to pick up what you need.

Flower Friday

Stop by and pick up some flower for your weekend. 15% off all flower.

Shatterday Saturday

Saturday is for the concentrates. Swing by and pick up an infused preroll, cartirdge, or concentrate and get 15% off these items.

Stock-Up Sunday

Do you like to buy in larger quantities? Sunday is the day for you. Pick up any ounce or half ounce and get a 15% discount. Remember, you can only buy an ounce a day from the store in a day so choose wisely.

Stop by Alkaloid Cannabis Company in Spokane, WA for the best weekly deals.

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