Best Weed in Washington State: Top 5 Cannabis Flower Brands (2023)

Trying to pin down the best weed in Washington State? With some of the best flower to be found anywhere, finding a fine specimen of bud to appreciate is not difficult. And, some brands simply have some of the easiest-to-appreciate strains and high-quality cultivation and curing practices. Check out the best cannabis brands in Washington State.

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Best Weed Brands in Washington 2023

1. Fifty Fold

Fifty Fold Industries is prized as one of the best cannabis brands in Washington State. With a passionate sole owner and head grower, each strain brought to life from the brand is carefully cultivated, enhanced, and cured. You’ll find a dozen or more strain picks from Fifty Fold in our dispensary on any given day with top-shelf picks like Colombiana, Berning Cap, and Nine Pound Cherry.

2. Western Cultured

With a combination of classic strains like White Widow and Wedding Cake and up-and-comers like Melon Cream Soda, Western Cultured is easily a top brand in WA. Western Cultured prides itself on consciously-crafted flower with terpenes and cannabinoids intact to produce the most memorable experience. With an impressive strain library, the brand divvies up its flower according to flavor: Sweet, Sour, Spicy, and Earthy.

3. Blue Roots Cannabis Co.

Founded in 2013, Blue Roots has more than a decade under its belt of producing high-grade, small-batch cannabis flower. The brand is known for producing pure, clean cannabis flower in a variety of top-requested strains like Rude Boi, Perma Dream, and Maui. Blue Roots puts an incredible amount of effort into every plant, right down to feeding every plant a custom nutrient blend during cultivation for optimal quality at harvest.

4. Buddy Boy Farm

Buddy Boy Farm is a well-established cannabis brand in Washington known for organic growing practices and robust, flavorful buds. Every sparkling nugget from Buddy Boy is explicitly grown to ensure the end-user has an enjoyable experience. The brand cultivates some of the most noteworthy strains in the world of weed like Runtz, Purple Punch, and Acapulco Gold.

5. Pure Sensimiya

Look for strains like Red Bullz, Kush Mints, and Mimosa on the dispensary menu, and there’s a good chance you’ll find the Pure Sensimiya brand. Even better, the brand is highly regarded for producing clean, bomb cannabis flower that is actually affordable.

What’s the Best Cannabis Strain in Washington?

Looking for some stellar trains to add to your to-be-tried list? A few best cannabis strains in Washington include:

  • Black Diamond flower from Blue Roots – Indica
  • Jet Fuel from Buddy Boy Farm – Hybrid
  • Maui Wowie from Cascade Crest – Sativa
  • Mamacita from Fifty Fold – Sativa
  • Bubblegum Runtz from Legendary Laboratories – Hybrid

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