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The 7 Best THC Drinks and Infused Beverages in Washington

On a hunt for the best THC drinks Washington State has available? Look no further! We took the time at Alkaloid to track down the top picks for cannabis-infused beverages in the state. Cannabis beverages are quickly gaining notoriety as the best edibles in WA. Whether you prefer a quick shot of liquid THC or a sippable, flavorful beverage, we’ve got you covered on all levels. Check out our picks for the best THC drinks in WA below.


The Best THC-Infused Drinks in Washington State

1. Major’s Dreamin’ of Passion Fruit

A cannabis-infused drink made with micro-particles, Major’s Dreamin’ of Passion is one of the most preferred THC drinks WA has available. This fruity drink contains 100 mg of THC in a 6.7-ounce bottle. Therefore, you can take a sip or two as needed to achieve your desired effects. Dreamin of Passion Fruit has a unique passion fruit flavor that is refreshingly sweet but never overpowering.

2. Ray’s Original Lemonade

The real OG that started it all, Ray’s Original Lemonade is a sweet and tart cannabis-infused beverage that everyone appreciates. Every 12-ounce bottle of Ray’s Lemonade contains 100 mg of THC. And each batch is crafted with the highest-quality ingredients, so you get an unmatched flavor experience in every bottle. While the classic Lemonade is always a top choice, be sure to look for other top picks like Strawberry Lemonade and Tiger’s Blood from Ray’s as well.

3. Green Revolution Blue Raspberry THC Chill Wildside Shots

How about 100 mg of THC packed into a tiny 2-ounce shot? This is exactly what you get with THC Chill Wildside Shots from Green Revolution. These little take-anywhere bottles are potent and portable, boldly flavored, and fast-acting. The Blue Raspberry flavor is always a crowd-pleaser with its mix of tart and sweet fruity flavors.

4. Happy Apple THC Beverage

In a state known for its apples, there is bound to be at least one apple-themed drink in the THC drink lineup. The Happy Apple is one of the best THC drinks Washington State has to offer. With 100 mg of THC per 12-ounce bottle, this sippable, hand-crafted beverage tastes like sparkling apple juice and doesn’t smell or taste like cannabis. The potency is enough that you can choose a dose that suits you with just one bottle or share a bottle with friends.

5. Lil Ray’s Pineapple Lemonade

A smaller version of Ray’s Lemonades, Lil Rays are shot-sized, 1.75-ounce bottles of perfection. Each little bottle contains 100 mg of THC, and one single capful is exactly 5 mg of THC. Therefore, these little bottles work out quite well for the micro-dosing cannabis customer that wants a big bang for their buck. While Lil Rays come in quite a few different and totally delicious flavors, the Pineapple Lemonade is always a top choice on dispensary menus.

6. Green Revolution Lemonade THC Chill Wildside Shots

Another excellent pick from Green Revolution Wildside Shots, the Lemonade THC Chill shot is a full 100 mg of THC in a tiny 2-ounce shot bottle. This is no ordinary lemonade shot—the flavor is not overly tart and just sweet enough to be refreshing. A lot of customers use the Lemonade shot to enhance another beverage, including just a simple bottle of water, with a small dose of THC.

7. Major’s Sacred Grape

Tangy and bursting with fruity grape flavor, few drinks get as much attention in WA as Major’s Sacred Grape cannabis beverage. This THC-infused fruit beverage is a big hit among the locals. Sacred Grape is made with micro-encapsulation technology to ensure rapid delivery of the THC, which means you get a faster onset of effects. Each 6.7-ounce bottle contains 100 mg of THC.


Cannabis Beverages & Liquids FAQs

How Do You Use Cannabis Drinks and Liquids?

Cannabis liquids and beverages are designed to be consumed just like any drink—simply open and sip. Potency levels can vary, and usage recommendations may be slightly different. For instance, a tincture shot may be best for drinking in one shot, while something like an infused lemonade may be better sipped slowly until the desired level of effects is reached.

Do Cannabis Drinks Contain Alcohol?

Cannabis-infused beverages do not normally contain alcohol. In fact, many people drink infused beverages as an alternative to alcoholic beverages. However, always check out the ingredient listing or any specific product to ensure that it does not contain alcohol if this is something you are personally trying to avoid.

How Do Cannabis Liquids Work?

Cannabis liquids are essentially classified as an edible, so they theoretically work in the same way. The cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system after consumption to yield the desired effects.

With that being said, beverages can be a bit unique in the fact that they tend to take effect a bit faster, but this also depends on how the product is formulated. For example, some products are made with nano-emulsified THC, which is said to take effect within minutes.

How Much THC Is In a Cannabis Drink?

Potencies can vary depending on the product. However, in general, the cannabis-infused beverages and liquids you buy in WA will contain somewhere between 10 and 100mg of THC. It is always important to read the label carefully on any infused liquid to ensure you know the cannabinoid content of the drink before consumption.

Where Are Cannabis Drinks Available to Buy in WA?

Cannabis drinks and liquids are available where recreational and medical cannabis is sold in Washington, including at Alkaloid. We keep our dispensary stocked with a nice selection of liquids, including infused drinks, shelters, tincture shots, and more. Be sure to take a look at our dispensary menu to get a look at what we have available at any given time.

THC Drinks & Cannabis Infused Liquids For Sale in Spokane, WA

Cannabis-infused beverages are drinks made with cannabis extracts. Also classified as edibles, cannabis drinks work in much the same way, but oftentimes with a faster onset of effects and more scalable effects. Great for social settings and as an alternative to alcohol, cannabis liquids and drinks come in a lot of forms, including seltzers, lemonades, tincture shots, and more. And, you’ll find them all at Alkaloid.

Find the Best THC Drinks Washington Offers at Alkaloid

From the best weed seltzers to the most flavorful cannabis sodas, shots, and lemonades, you can always find what you want at Alkaloid Cannabis Company in Spokane, WA. We’ve built relationships with the top cannabis-infused beverage manufacturers in the state, so we always have the best on our dispensary menu. Be sure to take the time to explore our stock of cannabis edibles, flower, concentrates, and more, and feel free to order online for faster pickup.


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