Best Hiking Trails in Spokane 2024

With the nice weather fast approaching everyone is ready to get out and enjoy the spring weather in Spokane. We are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful area with many hiking trails and recreational areas within an hour’s drive. Whether you want to check out a family-friendly trail or maybe something with more of an elevation change, you can find amazing trails around the spectacular Inland Northwest. Learn about the 4 best hiking spots in Spokane here.

1. The Switchbacks/Waikiki Springs Nature Preserve

Just 10 short minutes from Alkaloid Cannabis Company you can find the trailhead for the Switchbacks located on North Fairwood Drive. While on your hike you are likely to see wildflowers along with a variety of wildlife. This beautiful trail walks along the Little Spokane River and is the perfect spot for a hike after work or an outing with the family on the weekend. Waikiki Springs is perfect for going out with your younger children, keep in mind the Switchbacks are not the most stroller-friendly hike and a pack may be a better option for young kids.

Trail Distance: 3.6 miles

Difficulty: Easy

Dog Friendly: Yes

Get directions to the Switchbacks on Google Maps

2. Riverside State Park – Bowl and Pitcher

Located on the Spokane River, about 20 minutes from Alkaloid Cannabis, Bowl and Pitcher is an amazing hike with stunning views of the river. Upon arrival you will cross a suspension bridge over the river to access the dirt or paved trails. This hike is a great place to adventure with your children or go on a hike with friends. To park at Riverside State park you will either need to purchase a day pass or have the Washington Discover pass. Make sure to bring your bug spray and sunscreen in the warmer months to stay protected.

Trail Distance: 2.1 miles

Difficulty: Easy

Dog Friendly: Yes

Get directions to Bowl and Pitcher on Google Maps

3. Painted Rocks Nature Trail

Located less than 15 minutes from Alkaloid Cannabis Company you can find this 3.3-mile trail that walks along the Little Spokane River. Indian Painted Rocks is the perfect trail when you want peace and quiet to enjoy all the wonderful sounds of nature. This trail is an out-and-back trail that has amazing painted rocks along the whole walk. It is believed that the rocks were painted in the 1700’s by the Spokane Tribe. Indian Painted Rocks is a great trail to enjoy with the family. Due to the trailhead being located in Riverside State Park, you must buy a day pass or have the Washington Discover Pass to access the trail.

Trail Distance: 3.3 miles

Difficulty: Easy

Dog Friendly: No

Get directions to Indian Painted Rocks on Google Maps

4. Mount Spokane

Mount Spokane State Park is the largest hiking area out of the 4 listed with 100 miles of trails to explore. The variety of hiking trails will provide you with exceptional views of Spokane and surrounding areas. During huckleberry season you might even be lucky enough to find some huckleberries while you are on your hike. There are many options for hiking trails so make sure you check out a map before heading on the trail. Make sure you head up to the very top and check out the Vista House for the spectacular 360-degree views.

Trail Distance: 100 miles on various trails

Difficulty: Easy to Hard

Dog Friendly: Yes

Get directions to Mount Spokane State Park on Google Maps.

When you live in the Inland Northwest it is hard to not get out and enjoy nature. We are fortunate to have so many wonderful trails, nature preserves, and state parks within an hour’s drive from the center of Spokane. If you are looking for more trails to explore, check out All Trails for a full list of hiking in the area.

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