The Best Edibles in Washington

Best Edibles in Washington State: Gummies, Chocolates, and Drinks (2023)

Looking for the best edibles in Washington State? Whether you’ve got a thing for anything chocolate, prefer the traditional gummy, or want something more innovative, you have a slew of awesome choices. To make sure you track down the best edibles and have a good experience, we’ve compiled a list of the best picks in the state by type.

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Best Gummies and Chews in Washington State

Green Revolution Doozies

Green Revolution Doozies are cannabis-infused gummies made with real fruit and natural flavors. Even better, the gummies are fast-acting and come in amazing flavors and experience labels like Juicy Peach Relief and Watermelon Fly. Each Doozies pick is made with CBD and THC in different ratios, so finding your way to the most preferred experience is an easy feat.

Hi-Burst Fruit Chews

Few brands in WA do edibles quite like Hi-Burst, so Hi-Burst Fruit Chews are easily one of the best edibles in Washington State. Take your pick from Indica or Sativa infused chews in sweet flavors like Orange Mango, Peaches N’ Cream, and Berries & Cream. Or, if you prefer a tart fruit chew, try Sour Blue Raspberry fruit chews instead. Whatever you choose, true to the Hi-Burst reputation, you can expect a shockingly good experience.

Wyld Gummies

Wyld is hands-down one of the most recognized cannabis edibles brands in the country, so they’re naturally respected as one of the best edibles brands in WA. Wyld offers Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid-enhanced gummies made with specific terpene profiles and cannabinoid combinations. Therefore, you can pick and choose your fave flavor but also your preferred experience. Look for top picks like Blood Orange 1:1 CBC and THC gummies, Huckleberry Hybrid THC gummies, or Elderberry 2:1 CBN and THC gummies.

Marmas Marmalade Candies

If you like the idea of a gummy but want an edible with a little more texture, be sure to look for Marmas Marmalade Candies in the dispensary. These tender, chewy fruit bites are gelatin-free and made with natural flavors. However, the flavor choices are always an attractive attribute: Oranges & Cream 4:1 CBD and THC, Blue Raspberry 1:1 CBD and THC, Sour Pineapple THC, and Raspberry Lemonade THC.

Swifts Sour Drops

Just sour enough and still sweet, Swifts Sour Drops are always a crowd-pleaser at Alkaloid. Swift is known as one of the best edibles brands in WA for good reason. These all-natural, sugar-free drops come in yummy flavors like Passion Fruit Banana or Orange & Mango. And you can pick from different cannabinoid ratios like 1:1 CBD and THC.

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Best Chocolate Edibles in Washington State

Honu Sativa Peanut Butter Cups

Few things stack up against the all-time-fave combo of peanut butter and chocolate. However, when you throw cannabis extracts into the mix, you’ve got a trifecta of all-out perfection. Honu Peanut Butter Cups are just that—melt-in-your-mouth perfection with a kick of 10 mg of THC in each little cup. These are easily one of the best chocolate edibles in Washington State, straight from one of the top brands in WA: Honu Edibles.

Ceres Garden Dragon Balls

Easily one of the best chocolate edibles in Washington State, Ceres Dragon Balls is all caramel goodness wrapped in dark chocolate. While the rich smoothness of this treat is impressive, the unique thing is the ghost pepper bite that leads to a tempered-yet-heated sweetness that is oh-so-indulgent. Each Dragon Ball contains 10 mg of THC, and you can pick between Indica or Sativa.

Emerald Mountain Summit Candies

Perfectly portioned into 10 mg squares, Summit Candies from Emerald Mountain are an all-time fave. Pick from classics like Dark Chocolate or Peanut Butter, or, go with Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate if you need to keep your sugar intake in check. No matter your choice, you’re bound to be pleasantly pleased with the rich goodness in every bite.

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Best Weed Drinks in Washington State

Major THC Beverages

Fruity, fresh, and infused with micro THC particles for rapid absorption, Major THC Beverages are one of the best edibles in Washington. Each bottle of infused drink is just over six ounces but delivers as much as a full 100 mg of THC. These drinks are perfect for microdosing or building a scalable high because the effects kick in so quickly. Plus, you can’t go wrong with flavors like Pacific Coast Blue Raspberry, Sacred Grape, and Dreamin’ of Passion Fruit.

Ray’s Lemonade

Sippable, delicious, and just potent enough, Ray’s Lemonade is one of the most requested weed drinks in the state. Look for flavors and cannabinoid combos like 1:1 Mango Lemonade with CBD and THC or Blood Orange THC Lemonade in 12-ounce bottles. Or, go with a quick shot that delivers 100 mg of THC in only a 1.75-ounce bottle in flavors like Dragonfruit and Citrus Kush. Either way, you get a refreshing, THC-infused drink that starts working quickly and never disappoints.

Best Cannabis Capsules in Washington

Fairwinds Capsules

Capsules offer a straightforward, discreet way to get your dose of cannabinoids, and Fairwinds offers some of the best. With a full lineup of picks and cannabinoid ratios that include even minor cannabinoids, you can pick the capsule that suits your needs. Be sure to look for options like Ratio 1:1:1 Capsules with equal amounts of CBG, CBD, and THC or Lifestyle Sativa capsules with only THC.

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Find the Best Cannabis Edibles in Washington State at Alkaloid

Whether you’re on the search for the best gummies, chocolates, capsules, or infused beverages, we’ve got you covered at Alkaloid Cannabis Co. We go the extra mile to track down the best cannabis edibles from top brands in the state, so you have access to only the best. Heading our way? Don’t forget to check out our menu online before you get here—you can order ahead, and we’ll have your order ready when you arrive.

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