Lucid Cannabis Company Redefined: We’re Now Alkaloid Cannabis Company

We have some exciting news!

Maybe it has been a while since you stopped in at our Spokane dispensary or visited our online menu. If so, you may be surprised to see that the Lucid Cannabis Company is now the Alkaloid Cannabis Company.

No worries, though! We’re still located in the vintage alder cabin located just off North Newport Highway in the same welcoming environment. We’re simply doing a little rebranding and now serve all the same premium cannabis and cannabis products under a new name.

Alkaloid Cannabis Company, formerly known as Lucid Cannabis Company in Spokane,WA, is now under sole ownership. JoHanna has been an owner since the store opened in 2016 and will be making sure the business runs as usual. No need to worry, the same amazing staff will be here to serve you and help you find the cannabis products you’re looking for. You will see the same excellent selection of products on the shelves, and the wide variety of options. The only thing that changed is the name you know us by.

What to Expect from Alkaloid Cannabis Company

The Lucid Cannabis Company opened its doors all the way back in 2016. Over the last almost seven years, we’ve fostered a personal connection with so many of our customers, and it’s been our pleasure to offer only the best at our Spokane dispensary. Rest assured, we still offer the same level of customer service, the same dedication to quality cannabis, and everything our customers have grown to expect even though our name has changed. Here’s a look at what you can expect from Alkaloid Cannabis Company.

Quality Over Quantity

At Alkaloid Cannabis Company, we’re serious about maintaining quality over quantity in every respect. Dispensaries tend to say this a lot, but what does quality over quantity mean to us? It means:

  • You will never be rushed to make a purchase, so we can serve more customers
  • We don’t jack up our pricing to make more money—we want customers to have access to top-shelf products at reasonable prices
  • Our dispensary is filled with a more elite selection of cannabis products instead of a bunch of questionable options

Reliable Cannabis Education and Information

Lucid has always been dedicated to cannabis education and information. You can only truly appreciate cannabis for all that it is if you understand the products you are using, know what to expect, and are equipped with information. Alkaloid Cannabis Company holds this same mission at the core of how it operates. From our blog which is filled with educational how-tos and product introductions to our knowledgeable staff, we want you in the know about all things weed.

Consistency with Every Customer Experience

From how you are treated as a customer to what products you find on our shelves, we strive for consistency. We want every customer to walk away pleased with our collection of pre-rolls, premium flower, concentrates, or otherwise. But we also want our customers to always feel they know exactly what to expect when they visit.

A Different Name, but the Same Upstanding Values at Alkaloid Cannabis Company

They say the only thing constant in business is change, and, maybe to some degree that is true. However, even with our transition to a new business name and a slightly altered image, the Alkaloid Cannabis Company is still the Spokane dispensary you can trust. Feel free to explore our updated website, get to know our staff (most of which have been around for a while!), and let us know if you have questions about our transition. We hope to see you soon!

If you have any questions about the change from Lucid Cannabis Company to Alkaloid Cannabis Company please reach out by phone at 509-465-1197 or email us at [email protected]

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