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The 7 Best Concentrates in Washington

Prefer the dab’ll do ya method of cannabis consumption? Cannabis concentrates definitely have their advantages, and you can find some of the best cannabis concentrates in Washington State.

Budder, batter, diamonds, and live hash rosin—you can find so many great picks in all kinds of forms from the top, trusted brands in the state. Not sure which concentrates are worthy of attention? To help you out, we’ve created a list of the best concentrates in Washington below.


Top 7 Best Cannabis Concentrates in Washington State By Type

1. Best Live Rosin

Winner: Miracle Whip Live Rosin from Stillwater Smooth

Stillwater Smooth is known for making some of the best concentrates in WA, and the brand’s Miracle Whip live rosin is the perfect example of why. Miracle Whip is a hybrid strain with an Indica lean that was brought to life by crossing Starfighter, Colombian, and Cookies and Cream. With impeccable flavor taken straight from the plant, excellent potency, and the perfect consistency for dabbing, you just can’t go wrong. Plus, the effects of Miracle Whip can only be described as miraculous with an easy-does-it headspace and utter relaxation.

2. Best Sugar/Crystals

Winner: Green Crack Honey Crystal from Oleum Extracts

Oleum Extracts has stepped up to provide some of the most unique concentrates in the state, and customers can’t get enough of the Green Crack honey crystal. Green Crack is a heavily Sativa-leaning hybrid known for its superior ability to pick you up and leave your mind focused. The concentrate is just as noteworthy in effects but has this smooth, tasty hit that’s easy to appreciate.

3. Best RSO

Winner: Durban Poison Live Rosin from Medusa Gardens

Durban Poison is one of those Sativa strains that was set to go down in history from the beginning. With incredible funky flavor and superior uplifting capabilities, Durban Plosion is a go-to for therapeutic purposes but can also be a lot of fun. The RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) version of DB from Medusa Gardens is a fine specimen of the strain with the effects and experiences you would expect.

4. Best Live Resin

Winner: Sour Apple Kiss Live Resin from Bodhi High

Sour Apple Kiss live resin from Bodhi High is all tart sweetness in the form of live resin terp crystals. This strain is a mid-range THC hybrid and a cross between Sour Patch Kiss and Apple Fritter. The full-spectrum Sour Apple Kiss extract delivers all the cannabinoids and terpenes of the strain itself, which means you get a well-balanced high and all the flavor you could ask for. People say Sour Apple Kiss is a heavy hitter with high potency, so it is best reserved for more experienced consumers.

5. Best Wax

Winner: Sunset Lemonade Wax from Ooowee

If you are after a good wax concentrate with loads of sweet citrus flavor, Sunset Lemonade wax from Ooowee is a clear winner. This wax is the ideal consistency for topping a bowl or snaking a joint.  This strain-specific wax is just the right consistency for waxing if that’s what you’re into. The flavor comes across as sugar-soaked lemon wedges. Plus, this Sativa-dominant concentrate is bound to get you picked up off the couch and ready to tackle the day.

6. Best Batter

Winner: Blueberry Diesel Terp Batter from Honey Tree

Honey Tree is known for providing some of the best concentrates in Washington State because of its unique strain picks. Blueberry Diesel Terp Batter is easily a forerunner among the rest with its intense blueberry/diesel aromatics and flavor. Best of all, terp batter from Honey Tree can run as high as nine percent terpenes, so you get a bold, complex flavor profile and entourage effect. And, the effects tend to be nice and sedating with a tinge of euphoric energy.

7. Best Cured Resin

Winner: Clint Dabwood Cured Resin from Venom Extractions

Venom Extractions Clint Dabwood cured resin is a true stunner with its hybrid makeup, rich terpene profile, and fast-acting effects. This strain’s genetics are a bit of a mystery, but the top terps are clearly a rich mix of spicy myrcene and limonene.  Clint Dabwood is a quick draw, with the full onslaught of effects taking hold immediately. Most people claim this cannabis concentrate to be a perfect option if you need to be immediately dipped into a peaceful reverie where you can drift off to sleep.

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