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4/20 Deals & Specials in Spokane, WA

Shopping for 420 deals near Spokane, WA? We’re thrilled to be able to offer some fantastic discounts and bundles that are only available on 4/20/2022.

30% Off Good Earth

40% Off Smokiez Edibles

$10 Grams of Oil

$30 Ounces of Flower

EVERYTHING ELSE in-store: BUY 4 ITEMS get 20% OFF!

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Find the Best 420 Deals Spokane Has to Offer

Looking for Spokane dispensary deals? Be sure to keep an eye on our menu at Alkaloid Cannabis Company. We strive to provide the most reasonable prices on everything from premium flower to high-potency concentrates. However, we occasionally offer special savings opportunities for staff picks, new inventory, and overstock merchandise.

When it comes to finding good cannabis at the best deals, Spokane has a lot to offer. But at Alkaloid, we are passionate about helping customers get what they need even when they’re shopping on a budget. Stop in to find the best deals on:

  • Pre-rolls from top brands
  • Cannabis-infused beverages and edibles
  • CBD products
  • Top-shelf flower
  • Disposable vapes and vape carts
  • Resin, rosin, budder, and other concentrates
  • Tinctures and extracts

Not sure what you want? Our budtenders will be happy to show you our Spokane dispensary deals for the day. Be sure to take a look at our menu online to see what’s in stock before you arrive!

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