$30 Eighths of Flower in Spokane, WA

$30 Eighths of Flower in Spokane, WA

When it comes to Spokane cannabis deals, finding cheap eighths is one of the most commonly sought-after bargains. If you’re looking for $30 eighths and other awesome dispensary deals, you will want to pay a visit to Alkaloid Cannabis Company in Spokane.

We’ve got awesome deals on some of the most popular flower strains in Washington State, and we love offering good deals on top flower brands. Take a look at all you’ll need to know about getting cheap eighths in Spokane below.

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Check Out the Value Eighths in Spokane at Alkaloid

Alkaloid Cannabis Company is locally known for providing some of the best weed deals in Spokane, including when it comes to premium flower from the most preferred brands. From relaxing, therapeutic strains for what ails you to uplifting, euphoric strains with a Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid genetic makeup, we’ve got one of the best flower collections around. You’ll find picks from cultivators like From the Soil, Blue Roots, Fifty Fold, and more.

Occasionally, we offer excellent prices for top strains, some of which are around the $30 price point. A few premium strain picks you may see on the menu include:

  • Apple Fritter – A spicy apple hybrid with a relaxing effect profile and loads of flavor
  • Gorilla Glue #4 – A Sativa-leaning strain with the tendency to leave you giddy and happy
  • Island Cookies – An Indica strain from the Cookie genetic lineup that delivers utter physician and emotional relaxation
  • High MAC – A Hybrid strain with an earthy, cookie flavor that works exceptionally well for sleep and pain
  • Happy Trails – A Sativa strain punched with citrus and pine that leaves you feeling creative and focused

How to Find Value $30 Eighths in Spokane

When your budget is a little slim, be sure to do a little advanced research to get the best value eighths in Denver. The best dispensaries commonly offer good deals on quality flower. For example, you may find good bundle-and-save opportunities that keep your per-eighth price low. Also, be sure to check out loyalty programs and scout out online menus to get the lowdown about any good dispensary deals before you head out. Remember, dispensary deals can change from day to day depending on supply and demand, so check in periodically to see what’s available. Lastly, don’t be shy about asking your favorite budtender about the specials for the day.

$30 Eighths of Flower in Spokane, WA

Find All the Best Dispensary Deals in Spokane at Alkaloid Cannabis Co.

Whether you’re on a mission to find premium eighths at the best price or another cannabis product at a low cost, Alkaloid Cannabis Company always has something to offer. If you’re shopping in Spokane, be sure to check out our menu to get the best prices for the day.

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