THC Vape Cartridge

$20 Vape Cartridges in Spokane, WA

Need the best THC vape cartridge deals in Spokane? Whether you’re looking for a low-cost disposable vape pen or a cannabis cart that’s easy on your wallet, be sure to plan a visit to Alkaloid Cannabis Company. Our dispensary is well-known for offering some of the best Spokane dispensary deals, including when you prefer to vape your weed. From $20 vape cartridges to special savings on disposables, here’s everything to know about our awesome vape deals.

Shop the Top Vape Carts in Spokane, WA

THC Vape Cartridge

Check Out the THC Vape Cartridge Deals at Alkaloid Cannabis

At Alkaloid, we believe that everyone deserves access to affordable THC vapes, even those who are shopping with limited funds. Our menu is full of good deals on THC carts and disposables in an array of strains and flavors. You’ll find $20 vape cartridges and good deals on the best cannabis vape cart brands in Washington State. What we have on sale for the day can vary, but a few brands you may see in the low-price-point lineup include names like Method, Cosmic Supply Co, and MFUSED.

From beloved Indicas for relaxation to uplifting Sativas and hybrid-modeled picks, our vape collection contains something for every customer. A few vape options you may see on sale for a good price include:

  • Tangie Live Resin Carts – A well-loved Sativa vape with a punch of citrus flavors and energizing qualities
  • Cap Junky Live Rosin Cart – A soothing Indica vape with loads of terpenes and a slight minty finish
  • Durban Poison Cart- A true Sativa vape with exceptional uplift and euphoria and a classic spicy gas-tinged flavor
  • Pumpkin Spice Latte – A seasonal, hybrid disposable with a balance of effects and exceptionally tasty flavor profile
  • Banana Kush Disposable – An Indica-strain disposable with a mentally relaxing effect and sweet taste

How to Find Cheap Vape Deals in Spokane

When you’re shopping with limited funds, be sure to take your time and do a bit of research. You can definitely find THC vape cartridge deals at some of the best dispensaries in Washington State if you know how to find them. For example, you can often find a good deal with bundle-and-save sales or when a new product drops from a certain brand. Also, keep an eye on special savings opportunities centered around special holidays or events. And never hesitate to ask your favorite budtender what vapes may be available for the best price when you stop in at a dispensary.

Find Value Vapes in Spokane at Alkaloid Cannabis Company

When you’re on a search for value vapes in Spokane, you can always be confident that you’ll find a good deal at Alkaloid Cannabis Company. We make an effort to keep top-shelf vapes in stock at a good price, many from the top vape brands in the state. If you’re shopping in the Spokane area, be sure to check out our dispensary menu where you can get a peek at good deals for the day.

Shop the Top Vape Carts in Spokane, WA

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