$12 Grams of Concentrates in Spokane, WA

$12 Grams of Concentrates in Spokane, WA

Finding the best Spokane concentrates deals is a surefire way to save money on the highly potent THC products you love. At Alkaloid Cannabis, we’ve got a collection of some of the best cannabis concentrates and extracts in Washington State. And our prices are pretty impressive as well—you may even find $12 grams of concentrates on the menu occasionally. Check out all the details about our concentrate deals in Spokane below.

Shop the Top Concentrates in Spokane, WA

Check Out the Spokane Concentrates Deals at Alkaloid Cannabis Co.

We’re proud to be touted as one of the best dispensaries in Spokane, WA, and a lot of that reputation has to do with our insane dispensary deals. We have some of the lowest prices around on cannabis concentrates, with or without a special to save you even more money.

While our collection of good deals on cannabis concentrates in Spokane is always changing, a few picks you may see on the menu on occasion for an exceptionally low price include:

  • Durban Poison RSO from Medusa Gardens – A full-spectrum Sativa Rick Simpson Oil with loads of terpenes and a noteworthy level of euphoric uplift
  • Ice Cream Cake Wax from Ooowee – A hybrid wax concentrate with a creamy, earthy flavor that works well for pain and emotional balance
  • Acapulco Gold Shatter from Boom City Cannabis – A shatter-type concentrate from a rare Sativa strain that provides since, earth, pine, and intense energy and focus
  • Cherrylicious Bacio Terp Batter from Honey Tree – A delectable concentrate taken from a flavorful hybrid strain that tastes like tart cherries and leaves you chatty and relaxed
  • Wonka Bar Sugar from From the Soil – A crystalline sugar perfect for twaxing with a sweet flavor and intense body high that’s a go-to when you need good sleep

Concentrates Deals in Spokane, WA

How to Find the Best Concentrate Deals in Spokane

Because cannabis concentrates serve up the highest THC potencies in the smallest amount of consumable product, good concentrates can have a higher price tag than some other cannabis products. Nevertheless, you can get good prices by shopping around and comparing the prices for different types and brands. Check out online menus at the local dispensaries to see what they are charging for certain products—prices can vary significantly by place. Also, always ask for concentrate deals when you visit a dispensary. Don’t hesitate to sign up for your favorite dispensary’s newsletter to get the inside scoop and special savings opportunities.

Explore $12 Grams of Concentrates and More at Alkaloid

Whether you are trying to get your hands on the most affordable, highest-quality cannabis concentrates or otherwise, we’ve got you covered at Alkaloid Cannabis Co. in Spokane. Our dispensary menu is filled with one of the finest collections of cannabis concentrates and products in the state, and we always have a few good deals in the lineup. Stop by for Wax Wednesday and Shatterday Saturday to get 15% off your favorite concentrates. Don’t forget, you can shop and explore deals right from our menu online and order ahead for pickup.

Shop the Top Concentrates in Spokane, WA

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